Sunday, January 04, 2015

Editorial: The unmentionable word

Somewhere, Lenny Bruce is rolling over in his grave.

The left in the United States is suddenly reticent about using a four-letter word.

The word in question?


Speaking out against the continued war in Iraq might embarrass War Hawk Barack Obama and so much of the left has whored themselves out on behalf of Barack.

So they stay silent.

And things just continue to get worse in Iraq.

Barack's bombings aren't helping the Iraqi people and they're not reducing the violence.

The European Union's Struan Stevenson offers:

They are designed to bolster the fight on the ground by the Iraqi military, which is in a state of virtual collapse. Riven with dishonesty and fraud, the Iraqi army mirrors the rampant corruption of the Iraqi government in post-Saddam Iraq.
These circumstances have provided the perfect conditions for the brutal Shiite militias to thrive and take control of the battlefield. There are perhaps hundreds of these militias. They are trained, financed and often led by the terrorist Iranian Quds Force. They are Iranian proxies. So the US air strikes are aiding and abetting Iran in achieving its ultimate objective, which is total control of Iraq.
The current war raging across Iraq was as avoidable as it was predictable. Nouri al-Maliki’s second term as prime minister was a tragedy for the Iraqi people, for the region and for the world. As a puppet of the Iranian mullahs, he encouraged the Iranian-led Shiite militias and used them to enforce his merciless “iron fist” sectarian policy of indiscriminate bombing, shelling, arbitrary arrests, torture and mass execution of innocent Sunni civilians. Maliki utilised the claim of fighting a war against terror to secure his grip on power and the West fell for it.

Where are the leaders of the US left?

Do they intend to speak up any time soon?

Or just continue to cower in silence?

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