Sunday, August 31, 2014

There's rarely ever any change

It's time for song . . .

Oh, hear the loudly rolling drum
Democrats, good Democrats!
The time to right our wrongs has come,
Democrats, good Democrats!
Too long have "rings" and fraud held sway
The sword of justice hid away
'Till now for "change" the people pray
Democrats, good Democrats.

Yes, people wanted change.

And then some.

Remember in 2008, when Barack marketed hope and change?

Barry & Bully

[Isaiah's The World Today Just Nuts "Barry & Bully."]

 After eight years of Bully Boy Bush, so many were willing to accept anything.

Our country calls on us tonight,
Democrats, good Democrats!
To battle bravely for the right,
Democrats, good Democrats!
Eight years ago we won the prize,
And then were robbed by tricks and lies,
Of Freedom's foes in friends' disguise,
Democrats, good Democrats!

Eight years ago we won the prize?  Damn right.  In 2008, it was 8 years ago that the Supreme Court stole the election and installed Bully Boy Bush despite Al Gore winning.

In Freedom's cause we come again,
Democrats, good Democrats!
Our foes shall find their tricks in vain,
Democrats, good Democrats!
Our country's good we will maintain
Our stolen rights we will regain
And honest laws we will sustain,
Democrats, good Democrats!

We really thought that in 2008, didn't we?

That a Democratic president would restore our rights and the rule of law?

Didn't happen, did it?

It so rarely does.

And the song?

It's actually referencing 1876 (Hayes and Tilden) not 2008.

In other words, Democrats have long promised to restore rights and seldom delivered.

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