Sunday, August 31, 2014

Jim's World


As promised, I'm doing a Jim's World this edition.

Last week, our output was:

"The Disco Ten" and "The essential dance tracks" were list pieces.  We'll be doing more of those.

Not because they're brief but because (a) readers enjoy them and (b) these type of lists determine who gets included in the canon and who doesn't.  So we want to do our part to enlarge who gets considered

Our playlists each week is just a list of ten albums we listened to while working on the edition.

But Elaine -- who kept begging for this feature to be brought back -- pairs it at her site with CounterPunch and she's begun noticing how CounterPunch will include 30 albums and one or two may be from female artists.  Or may not be.

You'll never find a list here that women aren't on -- not a music list.

But in CounterPunch's world, women aren't artists and they certainly aren't equal to men.

You'll find ravings over the Ramones at CounterPunch -- the Ramones who are to the Sex Pistols what the Monkees were to the Beatles.

We are going to continue to do list pieces.

They serve a purpose.

We'd ask that when you see a list -- at any site -- you see if the list expands what is accepted or is just a conservative knee jerk reaction list like the ones offered by CounterPunch each week.

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