Sunday, August 24, 2014

The essential dance tracks

1) "Together Again" -- Janet Jackson

2) "Looking For A New Love" -- Jody Watley

3) "Believe" -- Cher.

4) "Move In The Right Direction" -- Gossip.

5) "outside" -- George Michael.

6) "Throb" -- Janet Jackson.

7) "Running Back To You" -- Vanessa Williams.

8) "Let The Music Play" -- Shannon.

 9) "Son of a gun" -- Janet Jackson (with Missy Elliott and Carly Simon).

10) "West End Girls" Pet Shop Boys (tie) "What Have You Done For Me Lately?" -- Janet Jackson.

In the world of dance music, Janet is the word.

Ms. Jackson, if you're nasty.

Running down a brief listing of the essential dance tracks, Janet places four songs on our top ten (eleven, there was a tie).

In the world of dance, Janet is the ultimate artist.

She's joined by other strong artists: George Michael, Jody Watley, Cher, Pet Shop Boys, Gossip, Vanessa Williams and Shannon.

In all cases, are selections were based on the dance mixes of the tracks and not the single that made the chart.

Yes, after the ultimate tracks above, we can easily think of ten more but the above are the ultimate and essential dance tracks.

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