Sunday, August 24, 2014

Tales of Bad Customers

A number of our readers work in customer service and share horror tales.  A few have jobs that require them to address customer service problems.  They love to share those.

A  reader who works with McDonald's shared the following:

Tell me which part of my visit was acceptable.  I was next in line and waiting for the couple ahead of me to order.  They do and walk off.  So does the woman (***?) working the register.  She goes to the front of the store and out the side door.  After a few minutes, she comes back in, walks behind the counter -- where I'm still waiting -- and to another female employee.  "Is he the one in the blue car?" she asks.  The other woman (working on putting an order in a sack nods) and '***' again walks out the door.  Minutes later, she's back in, explaining she couldn't get a good look and "I have to wait on the customer" said in a complaining voice.  
I'm sorry, is my attempt to order food interrupting your attempt to get paid for doing nothing?

She comes to the register and does not say "Welcome to McDonald's" or greet me unless opening with "What do you want?" is a greeting.

And to really be Worst Employee of the Month, she drums her fingers on the counter as she asks.

I stare at her drumming fingers until she stops drumming them.  

I then say, "I'll have a number six, large fries, large drink.  For here.  I'll also have a Buffalo Ranch McChicken."

She has entered nothing into the register but hands me a medium cup.

"I said large," I say.

She sighs.

Then she wants to know, "What number did you order?"

"The number six."

She now enters it while rolling her eyes.

"And what else did you want?"

At which point, I said I would go elsewhere and did.

This was awful

If you've got a tale of bad customer service, let us know at (or e-mail and note "For Third") and we'll share it.

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