Sunday, January 05, 2014

Homophobe of the week

A lot of sports outlets qualified but star f**kers OutSports won the title for a ridiculous editorial by Cy Zeigler which argues that when two men are involved and one is a celebrity, only the celebrity is ever allowed to speak.

If Kevin Lanflisi was involved with Aaron Rodgers, he has every right to talk about it, to Tweet about it, etc. as much as he wants and whenever he wants.


Homophobic Cy is the new Chastity Bono of the LGBT movement.

Remember the damage she did to gay rights in the 90s?

That's Cy today.

If you're new to the story,  The Fame Drivers has covered it -- including putting up the above photo that Kevin Tweeted.

Cy's in a state of shock for poor Aaron!

But can't stop to think of Kevin who's now, after five years of living with Aaron, crashing as his sister's place.

If it was agreed, by Aaron and Kevin, that Aaron would come out in the summer of 2013 and he then decided not to?

Kevin's got every reason to say whatever he wants to say.

And Cy needs to shut up instead of rushing to rescue the celebrity.

Cy's nothing but a star f**ker and a self-loathing gay.

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