Sunday, January 05, 2014

Editorial: The US is (again) party to War Crimes

US Secretary of State John Kerry, in Israel today, pledged his support to thug and prime minister of Iraq Nouri al-Maliki.

Nouri's committed to killing 'terrorists' in Anbar Province and John Kerry backs him up.

'Terrorists' like the little boy below.

عناصر تقتل طفلا-8 سنوات- باطلاق الرصاص باحدى سيطراتهم في الصقلاوية. . .

The dead child wears the internationally recognized 'terrorist' uniform of pajamas with a smiling bear's face.

What's taking place in Anbar Province is collective punishment.

The Geneva Conventions don't just outlaw collective punishment, they make them War Crimes.  Article 33 of the Fourth Convention is very clear on this.

Collective punishment is what John Kerry has applauded, what the US government has now openly endorsed.

There's no pretty it up.

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