Sunday, December 08, 2013

Truest statement of the week III

Don’t invite Barack Obama to your daughter’s wedding. He’ll try to squeeze himself into the wedding dress and push the bride away from his cameras.
Don’t invite Barack Obama to a funeral. He’ll wiggle himself into the coffin to give photographers what he thinks they want – more pictures of him.
Don’t invite Barack Obama to dinner. He’ll strip himself naked, toss the turkey to the floor, lay himself in its place on the bed of arugula while clasping his knees and ordering the servants to baste him. A baked apple in his mouth will be the final sweet incentive for the photographers to snap away.
Our warning will go unheeded as the mourners of South Africa will be forced to issue an invitation to Barack Obama to attend the funeral of Nelson Mandela. Indeed, it has already been announced that Barack Obama will insert himself into the funeral of Nelson Mandela – to be followed immediately with another weeks long vacation amongst his many vacations to Hawaii. It’s not like there’s any work to do.

For Barack Obama work is something others do. He just takes the credit and the photographs.
--- "Barack Obama – The Corpse At The Mandela Funeral," Hillary Is 44.

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