Sunday, December 08, 2013


This piece is written by Rebecca of Sex and Politics and Screeds and Attitude, Cedric of Cedric's Big Mix, Kat of Kat's Korner, Betty of Thomas Friedman is a Great Man, Mike of Mikey Likes It!, Elaine of Like Maria Said Paz, Ruth of Ruth's Report, Marcia of SICKOFITRADLZ, Stan of Oh Boy It Never Ends, Ann of Ann's Mega Dub, Isaiah of The World Today Just Nuts and Wally of The Daily Jot. Unless otherwise noted, we picked all highlights.

"Harsh truths" -- most requested highlight of the week by readers of this site.

Isaiah's The World Today Just Nuts "Barack Talks Talks to Barbara" -- Isaiah on the Walters' interview.

"Ranchero Bean Bowl in the Kitchen" -- Trina offers an easy recipe.

"Paul Walker" -- Stan writes about the late actor.

"He has to be center of attention" -- Betty notes reality.

"Brian's alive (Family Guy)," "scandal - catch your breath, there's a lot going on!," "The Sound of Music,"
"Nikita: He's not Birkhoff (is Michael really Michael?)," "Arrow,"  "4 episodes of Nikita left," "The nonsense women endure (Ava and C.I.)," "The Mindy Project," "Cable 'news'," "The Good Wife," "Again on Nikita" and "Nikita" -- Ann, Rebecca, Elaine, Mike, Stan and Marcia cover TV.

"The unrealized campaign promise" -- Ruth points out reality.

"WTF is wrong with Tom Hanks?," "in love and in war" and "So an ex-Israeli military person is cast as Wonder Woman?" -- Stan, Rebecca and Kat go to the movies.

"THIS JUST IN! HUMBLER?" and "The humbler?" --Barack in a chastity device?

"No one asked and Jonas doesn't really tell" -- Kat on the dull article.

"The Disneyfication of a proud Black leader" -- Betty breaks it down.

"why is garnier using tina fey?"  -- Rebecca asks a good question.

"Was immigration law broken?" and "Iran-Contra on the Arts Council?" -- as do Ruth and Rebecca.

"Non-Combat Troops" -- Isaiah dips into the archives.

"THIS JUST IN! BARRY O LOOKING FOR A NEW JOB!" and "Barry O looks to the future" -- what will he be next?

"ObamaCare and the attacks on the elderly"  -- Trina covers ObamaCare.

"The Jewish archives" -- Ruth on the treasures that don't need to go back to Iraq.

"The Whore Named Amy Goodman" -- Ava fills in for Trina.

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