Sunday, December 22, 2013

They raise 'em real dumb at Jezebel

At Jezebel, where they briefly wondered if Beyonce was wrong to endorse violence against women, a dumb ass name flowebee Bryant wanted to let America see how stupid she actually was.

Let's look at it.


"Beat the box up" is slang for f**king a woman very well/hard and the use of Ike/Tina was an extended metaphor for that. You can still interpret the referencing of that relationship as anti-woman if you please but, it's important to note that Jay was not literally referring to domestic violence. Wednesday 3:37pm

"Jay was not literally referring to domestic violence"?


Because it's in I, Tina -- Tina Turner's story.

We didn't realize that was a novel -- we thought it was non-fiction.

Because it is non-fiction.

So stupid ass FlowbeeBryant?

It is referring literally to domestic violence.

You're a wonderful fan girl.

You're just a dumb ass idiot who excuses violence against women.

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