Sunday, October 06, 2013

From The TESR Test Kitchen

We're chocolate people.  Having taken on cookies recently, reader Ed asked us about M&M Minis: Bite Size Cookies?


We'd actually never heard of them.  They come in boxes, not sleeves and trays.  There is the "Original Cookies" and the "Peanut Butter Cookies."

We sampled both. 

And were surprised to find we preferred Peanut Butter Cookies.

If you offered us a peanut butter cookie normally, we'd toss it across the room and curse you out. 

In a salute to Molly Shannon's Mary Katherine Gallagher  we will note our feelings on cookies are best expressed by Tina in  the episode "A River Runs Through Bob" of Bob's Burgers.

Tina:  Never the oatmeal ones!  Even if they have chocolate chips in them, they're still oatmeal!

But the blend somehow works very well to the point that we prefer them to the plain version.  The plain version are not bad, they just take like most chocolate chips cookies.  The magic is in the peanut butter version.
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