Sunday, July 14, 2013

Truest statement of the week

The so-called “long war” against “terror” – a patently fraudulent proposition, since the U.S. arms and finances the jihadists – is cover for an endless struggle to re-capture and re-enslave a planet that is not only escaping the clutches of Euro-American capital, but outgrowing it. This war, which is well under way – ask Libya and Syria – will be “total” in the sense that the United States considers itself at war with societies all around the globe (including its European “allies,” whom it spies on and steals from, relentlessly, as Edward Snowden has revealed). In addition to its strictly military “full spectrum dominance” capabilities, Washington has clearly designed its cyber-warfare machinery as offensive weaponry against “enemy” populations. Just last Friday, President Obama ordered his senior security and intelligence staff to draw up a list of potential targets for U.S. cyber attacks – which actually means that the lists and contingencies have long been in existence and are active elements of U.S. war plans.

-- Glen Ford, "The U.S. War Against the World" (Black Agenda Report).
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