Sunday, October 30, 2011

Radio Moment of the Week

We don't have to have a "Radio Moment of the Week." If we do have one, it doesn't have to be something good. Although, thus far, all of our "Radio Moment of the Week"s have highlighted some moment of truth you should catch, we could also be highlighting some embarrassment so bad you had to catch it.

Last week, Gareth Porter went on Antiwar Radio and disgraced himself with some of the worst Cult of St. Barack behavior of the year. For that we're giving him the Boob of the Week award. And we'd assumed we wouldn't have a radio moment.

In part because there was no serious look at the continuing Iraq War and occupation. Even Libertarain radio -- Antiwar Radio -- felt the need to march in step with Barry O. (This despite the strong work on Iraq John Glaser's been doing for It was really depressing as, yet again, we saw no outlet could be counted on. Too many people were feathering their nests or worrying about how to help Barack in 2012 or not paying attention.

And, yet again, another phase of the Iraq War would be sold to the American people, another set of lies.

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So we were happy today to catch Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox where she and guest Chris Floyd laid down some realities about Barack's 'ending' of the Iraq War and 'all' troops coming 'home.' Excerpt.

Cindy Sheehan: And also, Barack Obama had a big speech the other day saying all the troops were coming home from Iraq and that's not even -- that's just a lie. That doesn't have any basis in reality, does it?

Chris Floyd: No, it doesn't have any. It's not even -- You're right. I mean, it's an overt lie. It's not even like some of them where they sort of shift around a little bit. It's like they're leaving thousands and thousands. I saw it just the other day. They admit that they're leaving thousands and thousands of armed men there under the one thing of the State Department security forces and they're also talking about the 'trainers' they're going to leave behind, the advisers they're going to leave behind. They're negotiating to do that. I mean, all of this is open-ended and it doesn't even begin to mention -- Glenn Greenwald wrote about this the other day -- all these Special Forces that we have operating in other countries anyway. You think they're not going to be operating in Iraq? So as I said the other day, at the very least, at the very least you'll have thousands and thousands of and maybe tens of thousands of troops in Iraq at the end of next year -- or let's say "armed men under US control" -- whether they're wearing an actual uniforms and have Pizza Huts in their bases or they're just walking the streets and killing people or they're helping the Iraqi forces kill people. It's just -- it's just as plain as the sun rising and setting. It's remarkable that not only can he say all of that with a straight face -- maybe he went back and laughed about it afterwards, I don't know how straight his face was -- but it's just again you'll have people accept it at face value, you'll have all these earnest debates and these long columns "What does it mean about the pull out of Obama?" and it's just not reality. It's like a hallucination or something.

In addition to the above, you'll get a discussion of Occupy Wall Street, Chris' thoughts on England (where he is currently) in terms of politics and journalism, Libya and much more. And click here to read Chris Floyd's writing about the shell game of Barack's Iraq speech.
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