Sunday, October 30, 2011

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Last Sunday, C.I. pitched a short feature on e-mail, specifically about how Yahoo should have something better than a "SPAM" button. Spam, C.I. argued, could be chain letters and advertising and similar stuff. But these non-stop e-mails attempting to trick you into believing that, for example, Yahoo had e-mailed you and needed your personal information including credit card number, etc., these are not spam e-mails, these are attempts at identity theft and Yahoo should have a way for Yahoo e-mail users to report them.

I agreed it was interesting but had a more ambitious idea and rammed that through, noting that C.I. had already pitched a topic we'd turn into two features ("Roundtable" and "Learning Conflict Resolution in Pre-K"). As the edition finally wound down, I knew I was wrong because my more ambitious piece fell apart and never could be translated into a cohesive piece.

Monday, I knew I was wrong as well. That's when Marcia called me about something an e-mail had given her a heads up on. As she wrote later that night, it appeared that Danny Schechter was blogging that we'd hacked his e-mail. If his e-mail was hacked, BIG IF, no we didn't do it. Marcia explains that at length.

'What an ass,' was my thought as Marcia read what he wrote over the phone to me.

And that's really all he is at this point.

It's a real shame he wasn't able to stand by the ethical code he preaced. Instead, he wants to lash out at others for being "holier-than-thou."

If it's holier-than-thou to live by what you say, then we're guilty. We don't see it as holier-than-thou, we just see it as walking it the way we talk it.

He had an attack in his attack. Declaring someone, apparently us, "animus-driven." I had no clue. I raised that Saturday night when we all got together (either in person here in California or over the phone) and C.I. explained it was Carl Jung and Elaine clarified that if Schecter was using the term correctly -- always a BIG IF -- then he was yet again demonstrating his sexism because he was accusing women of doing the hacking. Elaine exxplained, "It's a common mistake, if he wasn't trying to accuse a woman or women, made by people who want to sound like they know what they're talking about by tossing out the term when, in reality, they lack even basic working knowledge of the term. From what I've read of his [Danny Schechter's] writing, that could easily be him."


What I found especially hilarious is that Danny Schechter was a closed book here until he did that. I'd written a piece here and noted that C.I. wasn't going to help edit it. I'd written it in long hand and it was way too long. C.I. effectively killed the piece since it would require her or Ava to type (due to the fact that we were pressed for time and they are the fastest typists). And that was it. Danny was going to skate away free from his crimes.

Then he goes and does that little nasty slur.

Which means we'll not only explore what a hacker to Danny's account might find but we'll keep his fat ass on our radar and track him for some time to come.

"Unwilling to discuss or debate whatever differences we have," Danny moans in the piece Marcia called out. Let me be clear, Danny doesn't like to discuss or debate.

I have many, many times attempted to engage him over the years. Prior to 2007, Danny wrote this site having a fit over something that was up here and that he was really being a priss about. It had to be 100% praise or he would hit the roof. What had the little bitch so upset?

"Ike Turner (Ava and C.I. feature)." Ike Turner had passed away and a lot of men -- including Danny Schechter -- were attempting to put a happy face on spousal abuse. He beat Tina Turner over and over. Now, as women, Ava and C.I. were outraged. But also true, and noted here many times before that article was ever written, C.I. has known Tina Turner for years. (Ty's happiest family moment of the last ten years was in 2008 when he got to take his grandmother -- who raised him and was a huge Tina fan going all the way back to the 60s -- to see Tina live and C.I. got them backstage to meet Tina. "It's a moment she still talk about," Ty says of his grandmother.) If you ever thought for one moment that Ava and C.i. weren't going to respond to a column that suggested Tina could or should bury the hatchet with the man who tortured her, you're an idiot.

And Danny is an idiot. They didn't trash him personally in that column, they just explained how wrong he was. And the little bitch hit the roof with a nasty e-mail that I attempted to reply calmly to. And that ws it. he whimpered and whined. Never grasping that a woman who is beaten by a man never owes that man a damn thing.

He was beginning to come unhinged at this point. Things would get worse in his writing. At one point, I would e-mail him in 2008 asking him about the nonsense he was writing (Hillary was supreme evil, he would explain, and Barack was pure goodness) and he had brief bitchy reply. I had written about issues, specific issues, and the little bitch just wanted to be bitchy.

Then there's his e-mails to Ruth which I have read with Ruth's permission.

She was noting that this man who felt Tina owed Ike Turner and that she should have forgiven him, this man who attacked Katie Couric non-stop including calling her "Katey," this man who attacked Hillary and never once noted the sexist attacks against Hillary by the media, etc, Ruth was noting all of that at her blog when Danny showed up to whimper that he wasn't a sexist and why would she say those things about him? And couldn't they discuss this in e-mails instead of at her site?

In other words, as Ruth came to understand, shut up about me at your site.

He didn't want a conversation. He would write these epic e-mails with all these assertions that would take Ruth hours to disprove. When she'd documented it and replied, he would ignore all that and venture into new claims and then he just gave up.

He's a sexist pig.

That's all he's ever been, that's all he'll ever be.

I'd like to thank him for his false accusation. Without it, he'd be just another sorry ass hypocrite that we no longer read. Thanks to his false accusation, we'll now continuing criticizing him.
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