Sunday, October 23, 2011

Learning Conflict Resolution in Pre-K

Could most of the world's problems be peacefully resolved by simple steps? We came up with a list of ten things we were taught in pre-K.

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1) I will keep my hands and feet to myself.

That would tend to nullify the case for an invading army sent into Afghanistan, Iraq or anywhere else.

2) I will take turns with others.

Realizing I can't always be first would be a big step for many countries, including the US, to take.

3) I will share with others.

Are the water wars to be the resource war of the 21st century? Time will tell. If that happens, issues like Iran's building dams to lessen the amount of water flowing into Iraq via rivers is something that could be resolved if Iran could learn to share with others.

4) I will leave dirt and rocks on the ground.

And from there, it's not a big leap to: "And I will leave mountain tops on mountains."

5) I will clean up what I mess up.

Which would both cut down on pollution and make governments like the US less likely to use outlawed weapons (for example White Phosphorus) if they were responsible for the clean up.

6) I will be a good listener.

And if you could include listening to yourself when you speak, it would probably curtail a great deal of the blood lusting comments Turkish governmental officials made last Wednesday and Thursday.

7) I will keep my area neat.

Which will mean my neighbors will not have to worry about pollution or toxins flowing into their areas.

8) I will be helpful.

As opposed to John Bolton or Susan Rice combative.

9) I will say "I'm sorry" when I hurt someone's feelings.

Meaning I take responsibility for my actions.

10) I will do my best to have fun.

One of the most important rules and the absence of fun will lead to an increase in hostilities.
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