Sunday, August 14, 2011

Situational Outrage at The Progressive

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Barack Obama was sworn in as President of the United States in January 2009. And a funny thing happened. Matthew Rothschild (CEO of The Progressive) continued his "McCarthyism Watch," but it just seemed like he didn't hit as hard as he once did.

Were we remembering wrong? Maybe Matty was always a rather prissy, dainty thing who skirted the issue and refused to call out Bully Boy Bush for the actions of his administration?

But then we picked up our old copies of The Progressive and, golly gee, Matt could really launch a tear back then.

Back then.

Okay, maybe he mellowed. Maybe he had a life altering experience. It's possible. Although he'd probably need to have a life first before it could be altered.

We couldn't compare apples and organes so what was there to say?

But then fate dealt us a lucky card. Bully Boy Bush was back in the news and back in the McCarthyism Watch.

Go to McCarthyism Watch and notice, as you stroll through the archives, how the administration hasn't been called out since Barack was sworn in. They call out certain aspects of it.

Yet let a CIA agent we've never heard of show up and claim that a half-wit posing as a professor was almost or nearly or maybe spied upon by the CIA when Bush occupied the White House and Matthew's running to scream "Bush is spying!"

People are denied entry to the country, for example, under Barack, but Matthew never connects it back to the White House. There's never any calling out of the White House. But on what was verys flimsy evidence, as June wound down, Matthew's running to town screaming about Bush spying.

Did the Bush White House spy on American citizens in retaliation for the citizens' views (which were in no way linked to terrorism)?

We don't know but we wouldn't be surprised to find out that happened and happened often.

Is the Barack White House spying on American citizens in retaliation for the citizens' views (which were in now ay linked to terrorism)?

We have no idea but wouldn't be surprised to find out that happens and happens often. But we know that any time he's caught, Matthew Rothschild will work overtime to avoid pinning the blame on Barack.

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