Sunday, October 31, 2010

Truest statement of the week II

If you took two years to get my car out of the ditch and on the road, I think I'd be pissed off at you. Two years? Guess what? I probably would have gotten a new car already. You think I can wait two years without a car. I'm taking my granddaughter to the doctor, I'm running my all errands, doing my church work, and all the rest and doing it for two years while you, who told me you'd get my car out of the ditch, keeps stalling on when you're going to get around to it? If you can't get my car out of the ditch in one day, you're clearly not up to the job. (Which is more and more clear about Barack Obama.)
-- Trina, "Don't leave my car in a ditch for 2 years."
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