Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Princess Brat Chronicles

I really, really want to be Senator, says Princess Brat Caroline Kennedy. She just doesn't want to disclose her assets. An issue, we pointed out previously, that has always prevented her from seeking any office via an election and instead attempting to slide into them via appointment. It's a pattern with Caroline.

Last week, Princess Brat spoke to Associated Press and made some hilarious statements including that, if appointed to the US Senate by Governor David Paterson, she would have to work "twice as hard" -- begging the obvious question: When has Caroline ever worked?

This is the woman noted for 'working' by volunteering an hour or two and then rushing off, leaving her mess behind her for someone else to tidy up.

Isaiah's latest went up this morning, "Princess Brat Speaks."

Princess Brat Speaks

Yeah, in the interview she also claimed 9-11 is why she's decided to try for the US Senate. She really is a speed demon, isn't she? All this time later and Caroline's going to do something?

New Yorkers should be very concerned about her work ethic.

For those wondering what's coming next, we'll set you straight. Caroline's not only refusing to disclose her finances, she will refuse to disclose her health records. New Yorkers should wonder why that is?
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