Sunday, December 28, 2008

Music 2009

Ava, C.I. and Ty offer industry chatter on 2009 in music.

*Bruce Springsteen's latest arrives in *January* and will please his dwindling cult but offers little to excite. In other words, it's like everything else he's released since 1984. Disciples will spend the full year listening, the rest will be done with the CD after about two weeks.

*Michelle Shocked's 2009 release demonstrates tremendous artistic growth from the already impressive Shocked. The term being applied to her recorded vocals is "gorgeous."

*Industry wisdom on Melissa Manchester is that if she can get into the studio and record for six straight weeks (no longer), she's on fire right now and could produce the strongest work of her career. Six straight weeks? There's a fear that too many weeks in the studio or gaps in studio time will lead to a sterile production. Her song "The Power Of Ribbons" surprised many with its strength and the strength of her gift was only more obvious after she performed in May at the Revlon Breast Cancer Walk.

*If Augustana can get into the studio in time to record the new songs they've been debuting on this year's tour, it's thought that they will own 2009. (They already released the best rock single of this year, "Sweet and Low.")

*Having failed to break a new Amy Winehouse (Duffy had some success but, Adele, America didn't want to know you), the push in 2009 from across the Atlantic will be on rock bands and Twin Atlantic is the one generating most of the heat currently.

Ty note: Month corrected an additional video links added.
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