Sunday, April 27, 2008

Liar of the Week: David Corn

Last week, "Dumb Ass of the Week: David Corn" 'honored' Supreme Dumb Ass David Corn. We thought the story ended there. We were wrong.

Just to recap, on the ABC debate, Barack Obama floated that Bill Clinton, as president, pardoned or commuted Linda S. Evans and Susan Rosenberg. The Obama campaign ran to the press screaming, "He pardoned them! Sure Barry's friends with two domestic terrorists, one of which led Weather Underground, but Bill Clinton pardoned them!" And little liar David Corn, the next morning (a Thursday), had a screaming fit on a media conference call. He then took the depressingly sad Mother Jones where he wrote about it, stroking himself off as he boasted about his 'awesome' 'manliness.' Cornnuts was stroking a short stump.

Long before that conference call took place (and before Cornnuts wrote a word), Ava and C.I. had explained Linda Evans and Susan Rosenberg were not pardoned. There was still confusion so C.I. addressed the topic again that Thursday night and made it real simple providing links to the list of people whose sentences Bill Clinton commuted and to the people whom Bill Clinton pardoned.

Obviously Cornnuts was wrong. Obviously Cornnuts made an idiot of himself.

Freak In Need of a Leash Cornnuts couldn't leave it alone, he had to make it worse. What clearly requires a correction got a "clarification." To clarify for the idiots at Mother Jones, when you say people were pardoned and they weren't pardoned, you issue a correction. If you don't grasp that or if you don't respect the United States Constitution, close shop. Trust us, no one will miss your crappy-ass bi-monthly.

For your laughing pleasure, here is how MoJo and Cornnuts think a mistake is corrected:

Clarification: Clinton did not issue pardons to Rosenberg and Evans; he commuted their prison sentences. Media accounts often conflate the two different actions. These two commutations were announced by the White House on January 20, 2001, as part of a long list of almost 140 pardons and commutations, which included the infamous pardon of fugitive financier Marc Rich--which was a pardon.

Notice how they slime with Marc Rich. Notice how "Media accounts often conflate the two" -- no, David Cornnuts conflated the two. Ava and C.I. knew damn well that Susan Rosenberg and Linda Evans weren't pardoned. They were writing about reality on Thursday morning.

Pardons and commuting sentences are two different things. C.I. went over it later that day and went over it slowly because obviously the press doesn't know the Constitution. MoJo flopping wants to blame the media but David Cornnuts is the media. He's a reporter. It's his damn job to know whether they were pardoned or had their sentences commuted -- and that's especially true if he's going to yell like a little child during a press conference and then take to his keyboard to self-stroke.

David Corn was wrong. Why can't MoJo admit that? Why can't Cornnuts admit that? Instead they want to blame the media for the fact that Cornnuts took what the Obama campaign fed him and ran with it instead of checking it out.

They have no standards at Mother Jones and their issuing a smarmy "clarification" when a correction is required only demonstrates that fact.

They have no standards and they take no pride in what they publish. Which is how their increasingly stupid staff (hey, Tricky Reynolds) can claim the whole thing is settled when nothing's settled. Most of all, their "clarification" buried at the bottom of Cornnuts post is only one of Cornnuts posts.

The "clarification" appears at the end of Cornnuts "A Tale of Clintonian Spin: Trying to Blow Past the Weathermen Question" (4/21, 9:30 a.m, with 86 comments). But the same lie is told in greater drama (Cornnuts feels the need to recount his drama on the media conference call) in his "Clinton Bashes Obama's Weathermen Connection, But What About Her Own?" (4/17, with 90 comments). That was when Cornnuts first LIED. He lied. He wasn't mistaken. Mistaken requires that he attempt to find out something, not simply repeat what the Obama campaign whispered in his ear during the reach-around. He lied. There's no clarification to the original post.

We'll assume Corrnnuts and MoJo have forgotten it -- we don't blame them, since sucking down all the Obama Juice, Cornnuts has become forgettable except as an illustration in journalism textbooks, under the heading "Cautionary Tale."

See it was wrong when Cornnuts posted it the Thursday morning. When a network posted a similar story later that night, C.I. called them out and the correction was done in hours. (A correction, not a mealy-mouth "clarification.") But Cornnuts? He's still repeating the lie the next week. He was repeating the lie on Monday. He's just a liar. Congrats Davy Cornnuts, it's not often someone gets 'honored' by us two weeks in a row.
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