Sunday, April 20, 2008

Dumb Ass of the Week: David Corn

When it came time for questions for Wolfson, I asked an obvious one: Did Hillary Clinton believe that it had been appropriate in 2001 for President Bill Clinton to have pardoned two members of the Weather Underground as he left office?

Like the shortest guy in the locker room (short you know where) refusing to wear a towel, David Cornnuts (David Corn) just had to strut around to provide laughter. He had already disgraced himself on a media conference call with the Clinton campaign, but that wasn't enough for him. He had to go and pen "Clinton Bashes Obama's Weathermen Connection, But What About Her Own?" for that crackpot journal Mother Jones.

C.I. explained it Thursday night and made it real simple providing links to the list of people whose sentences Bill Clinton commuted and to the people whom Bill Clinton pardoned.

Despite David Cornnuts theatrics, Bill Clinton did not pardon the two women.

Alleged journalist David Corn couldn't let facts interfere with his latest bit of slobbering over Barack. Cornnuts, we get it, you found your true love, your true love. May you be very happy together and bear him multiple children. If you ever return to the world of journalism, let us know.
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