Sunday, March 23, 2008

Editorial: NO judgement

"___ damn America."

That's what Jeremiah Wright stated from the pulpit of his church in a sermon. It's a church Senator Barack Obama, the man who wants to be president, went to for twenty years. Wright is his close friend. Wright has been close friend for over 20 years. Obama has gone to that church for over twenty years. He has given money to that church for over twenty years. He has praised Wright for over twenty years. He has called him "family" and a "mentor."

"____ damn America."

That's what Jeremiah Wright said at the front of the church, apparently speaking to the congregation and the Lord Jesus Christ.

"___ damn America," he cried, presumably using his 'power' to summon God's damnation down onto the United States.

It's offended a lot of Americans. Needless to say, Bambi made sure to avoid in his much touted speech last Tuesday.

Presumably doing damage control, he offered up 4,863 words in a long, meandering speech but somehow never addressed what has offended so many Americans -- his endorsement of and long relationship with a man who would damn the country.

Barack Obama wants to be president. He wants to be president so badly he gave a speech that would allegedly address Wright's offensive remarks.

Instead Bambi stood up and droned on about race.

He stated that race talk goes on everywhere and tossed out "the barbershop."

Jeremiah Wright was not at a barbershop when he damned the entire country.

Barack felt the need to quote William Faulkner and cite scripture.

He had time for that and time to note a child. He had time for everything except what has outraged so many Americans: That someone who wants to be president thinks the perfect mentor is a person who damns the United States of America.

Barack wanted to avoid that issue and the press went along, focusing on what he responded to and not what he avoided.

For someone who allegedly wants to break with the past (wants to disown it), he wanted to go there and offer up slavery and Jim Crow. Neither of which existed when Wright was damning the United States.

The speech was a distraction.

Last Tuesday, many Americans were willing to listen in the hopes that he would address it, that he would apologize for it and that he would admit it was a horrible mistake for someone running for the presidency of the United States to embrace anyone who publicly damns the country, let alone anyone who does so from the pulpit, anyone who does so in their role of a servant of God, calling on God to "damn America."

It is not a faux pas. It is not a minor offense.

It is big. It is huge.

And as Americans listened and listened to Barack drone on for nearly 5,000 words, it was never addressed. That has been noticed by the public.

You can't run for the presidency and run with someone who's damning the entire country. Not just the government of the United States, mind you. That would be bad enough for someone who wanted to be the head of the executive branch. But someone who wants to damn the government, the land and the people.

Barack spoke of a wave of air (we believe it was gas) that came over the church when he first visited and seems to think that excuses all comments by Wright. No, it does not. And if that church can't make clear to their preacher that damning the country is unacceptable, that would indicate they either agree it with the sentiment or are too pathetic to call it out.

Barack didn't call it out. Not while Wright was his pastor and not on Tuesday when it was the only issue Americans wanted addressed and it was the issue he refused to address directly.

While we're not for anyone being forced to say a pledge to a flag that they don't want to, we're also not for anyone running for president who either agrees the country should be damned or is too pathetic to speak out against anyone who does damn the country.

Barack loves to brag about his 2002 judgement. (It's a lie, see Ava and C.I.'s TV commentary this issue.) Where was the judgement in his 20-plus-year embrace of a man who damns the country?

Some Bambi defenders (including one idiot posting a comment to The San Francisco Chronicle) want to confuse the issue and lump it in with Wright's remarks that the US invited the 9-11 attacks through their behaviors. Those stooges want to say, "Well the right-wing did it right after 9/11!" Yes, two did and the White House condemned them for it immediately. Not a year later, not a week later. Even the Bully Boy grasped that their statements were offensive.

But even the lunatic Pat Robertson didn't declare, "___ damn America." Even that nut-job didn't call on the Lord to damn the country. Wright did.

Repeating, when The 700 Club thought the perfect thing to do was to blame Americans for 9-11, the White House loudly called it out. Barack Obama showed no such judgement.
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