Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Truest statement of the week

States also are being pretty aggressive in looking at things like scanner errors, which you mentioned. In fact, the former attorney general of Ohio—well, first of all, the current attorney general of Ohio has investigated and fined Dollar General a million dollars for scanner violations. Basically, the price someone sees on the shelf is not the price they’re being charged by the scanner when they check out. The former attorney general of Ohio, a guy named Marc Dann, is now putting together a class action lawsuit against the dollar store chains for scanner errors, which he’s estimating Dollar General loan is making hundreds of millions of dollars annually in scanner errors because they’re so huge and they’re almost always in favor of the company and not the consumer.

--  Kennedy Smith to Janine Jackson about dollar stores, "'These Stores Are Unhealthy for Our Communities': CounterSpin interview with Kennedy Smith on dollar store invasion" (FAIR's COUNTERSPIN).

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