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TV: Lies are all around

Sometimes it seems Mary Tyler Moore led us astray -- Liars, not love, are all around.

We were reminded of that in the last month or so as one of the cheapest pieces of trash began airing on TBS.  At one point, TBS aired original programming like THE LAST OG, THE DETOUR, CHAD and CONAN.  Now it serves up STUPID PET TRICKS.

What?  No one grabbed the pitch for BAD ADS?

David Letterman started out in late night on NBC and thought he would become the host of THE TONIGHT SHOW when Johnny Carson retired.  Then NBC decided differently and went with Jay Leno and Letterman ran to CBS taking everything that wasn't nailed down.  That included recurring skits like bad ads and stupid pet tricks.  

David is not without talent but he was not the show.  Along with guests not afraid to be outrageous (for the time) like Sandra Bernhard and Cher, the show counted on a lot of assist from Paul Shaffer and sometimes Chris Elliott.      TBS' STUPID PET TRICKS has none of these things.

It does have Sarah Silverman.


The 53-year-old failure.  

Maybe you remember her from her bit part in HEARTBREAKERS where she was 11th billed for playing a waitress?  Or maybe from -- Wait, no one saw that film.  TV?  She lasted a season on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE -- one season -- before taking her tired act to other shows: GREG THE BUNNY (one season), THE SARAH SILVERMAN PROJECT (cancelled after 32 episodes), I LOVE YOU AMERICA WITH SARAH SILVERMAN (cancelled after 21 episodes) . . . 

She's mainly famous for pissing her own bed and that's not a calling card for any but the most extreme fetish connoisseurs.  

She's actually infamous for one more thing but don't expect CRAPAPEDIA to get it right:

In October 2023, Silverman posted several social media posts and stories in support of Israel during the 2023 Israel–Hamas war.[119] She also left the Democratic Socialists of America after being a member for several years, citing their published response to the initial Hamas attacks and lack of support for Israel.[120][121]

Oh, is that what the middle-aged bed wetter did?

Seems very different from what actually happened.  Sophie Lloyd (NEWSWEEK) reported reality in real time:

In an Instagram Story shared with her 2 million followers on October 18, the Jewish comedian reposted a statement by user @elianaeatz.

"Many are saying that it's inhumane that Israel is cutting off water/electricity to Gaza," the post reads. Israel made it pretty simple—'release the hostages and we will turn it back on.' Instead of pleading with Hamas to release civilian hostages which include babies and toddlers there are politicians (cough cough AOC [Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez]) calling Israel inhumane.

"If that isn't enough for you: Israel does not need to supply Gaza with these resources (which they do, for free). If Hamas didn't spend billions of dollars on terrorism they would be able to build the infrastructure to support themselves."

The post caused uproar online, with X user Polly Tickal calling the 52-year-old "a genocidal maniac supporting starving Palestinian civilians by depriving them of water and electricity."

"We've officially reached the 'they actually don't deserve water and electricity' moment in mainstream discourse," commented Keyvan.

"Amazing for Sarah Silverman to sit in her mansion built on incompetent third-rate joke-telling and tell 2 million people that they don't deserve food and water," said Heidi N. Moore.


It was shocking when she did it months ago and it's only more shocking now.  March 19th, The World Bank issued the following:


With more than half the population of Gaza on the brink of famine -- including children and the elderly -- the World Bank Group calls for urgent action to save lives. We join the international community in calling for immediate, free, and unimpeded access of medical supplies, food and life-essential services through all available means at speed and scale to the people of Gaza.


Does that matter at all to the aged, bed wetting whore?

From the United Nations a few weeks back:


The catastrophic food insecurity situation in Gaza received renewed attention at the Human Rights Council in Geneva on Thursday, where UN Special Rapporteur for food Michael Fakhri said that nearly 75 per cent of the enclave’s fishing sector had been devastated by Israeli bombardment.

“Israel has mounted a starvation campaign against the Palestinian people in Gaza, and one way it is doing this is by targeting small-scale fishers,” he told the forum’s 47 Member States. 

Since 7 October, the independent rights expert maintained that Israel had denied all access to the sea, impoverishing previously comfortable fishers. 

“Israeli forces decimated the Port of Gaza, destroying every single fishing boat and shack,” he said. “In Rafah, only two out of 40 boats are left. In Khan Younis, Israel destroyed approximately 75 small-scale fishing vessels.”

The destruction of fishing livelihoods in the enclave had undermined the right to food for everyone in Gaza and pushed them “into hunger and starvation”, the Special Rapporteur insisted. 

“In fact, Israel has been strangling Gaza for 17 years through a blockade, which included denying and restricting small-scale fishers access to their territorial waters.”


 As Sarah promotes her bad TV show, why is she not confronted with this reality -- a reality she called for months ago?

Maybe it's because her awful show is one that no one watches.  It's big debut brought in less than a million viewers (.89) while her most recent episode had fallen to .51.  It's not making money and no one's watching.

A functioning system would let people know that.  Instead, what you'll find online is people wondering what the ratings are for the show and every one averting their eyes and pretending not to have heard the question.

The media lies non-stop.

Dyan Cannon's been on a tour of lying of late.  She used to lie all the time.  Non-stop.  Then she claimed that EST freed her.  But she kept lying about her age -- an area she loved to lie about.  For example, in the much syndicated January 1970 article by Peer J. Oppenheimer entitled "Don't Call Me The Ex-Mrs. Grant" you can find this gem, "In her late 20s, she lives quietly with Jennifer and the child's nurse in a rather small house in Beverly Hills [. . .]"  In her late 20s?

She was born January 4, 1937.  By January of 1970, she was 33.  "In her late 20s"?

We bring it up -- and there are so many other lies we could bring up. Don't get us started on her pretense to be dating Dick Kallman.  

Dyan is infamous for screaming about that "f*g" Cary Grant after the divorce.  She did not find peace when she left the man or even when she finally got the big-money settlement she wanted.   Cary Grant was bisexual and this isn't news or shocking.  But Dyan, for some reason, now feels the need to lie.  

Lies are all around . . . 

Jennifer Grant has made herself a pathetic joke.  Cary Grant's daughter is 58-years-old and continues to insist her father is straight, straight, straight.  No.  No.  No.  It's not just Scotty Bowers that's written of Cary's many affairs with men, it's the reality that it was known at the end of his life as he was very desperate and came onto any man -- a delivery guy, a reporter, you name it.  


Let's note this from Amy Fine Collins' 2001 VANITY FAIR piece on Richard Gully:

"There were a few others besides Elsa who were just out-and-out,” Gully said. “And then there were some who were bisexual. Spencer Tracy was. Homosexuality for many stars was an opportunistic thing, a passing phase to get their careers off the launching pad. Errol Flynn, for example, wasn’t homosexual. Mitch Leisen, an important director, was always ‘adopting’ young boys at the start of their careers. Marlene Dietrich was not much of a lesbian. She had a real passion for Jean Gabin. When Jean Howard didn’t have Jock Whitney courting her, then she might have a woman. Glamorous women never could hold on to their men.”

Cary Grant had a fleeting “crush on me. Soon after my arrival, he and Randolph Scott invited me up to their beach house,” Gully said. “When Cary realized I wasn’t interested, he never made any moves, and he and Scott simply didn’t invite me back. They took pains not to embarrass me. They were gentlemen.

“Cary was bisexual,” he explained. “Dorothy di Frasso set up the match between Cary and Barbara Hutton. That one was doomed to fail. They were thrilled with each other at first because each saw in the other something that didn’t exist. He thought she was a great society type, and she thought he was this fabulous, sophisticated dream—not a boy from the backstreets of Bristol.

“Spencer Tracy was never sober. I don’t think he functioned as a man. He and Katharine Hepburn had chemistry only on-screen.

“Danny Kaye was mean, a horror. He mistreated his wife, Sylvia Fine, who wrote his material. His love affair with Olivier, the coldest man I ever met, was so tacky.”

Dyan and Jennifer promoted the very bad -- and dishonest -- ITV mini-series ARCHIE supposedly about Cary Grant.  Wake up call to both of them -- Cary hid a lot more than his sexuality and if you keep lying to the world about his sexuality, there are people who will feed the other details to the press and that will be the end of admiration for Cary.

We don't get the need to lie.


And we don't get who they think they're fooling.  But we do know we're stopping this piece here before we move on to a certain actress who calls her bi-sexual step-father daddy and pretends she doesn't wonder if he killed her mother.



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