Tuesday, February 27, 2024

TV: Lorne Michaels tries to shift the overton window

Where was the Trump clan reject?  That was our question in the lead up to this past weekend and since.  Remember her?  The ruler on comedy.  The saggy mess that trashed Jon Stewart.  (If you don't remember her, see "Media: It's The Stupidity, Stupid" from last week.) Comedic Czar Trump didn't even bother to Tweet about it, did she?


About what?  Let's note the climate we're living in -- a climate that Donald Trump's supporters have created.where state senators feel they can call LGBTQ+ people "filth."

This, sadly, is not an anomaly.  And Trump Comedy Czar felt she could attack Jon Stewart for a joke about how old both Donald Trump and Joe Biden are.  She felt this was 'bothsidism.'

No, you stupid idiot -- and those of you who supported her -- that's not the problem.

We saw the problem on Saturday when SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE elected to bring on Shane Gillis as the host.  



For those who don't know, the minor comic was supposed to be part of the 2019 cast because elderly idiot Lorne Michaels (he turns 80 this year) thought Gillis was hilarious.  But following the announcement, multiple examples of Gillis' racism, sexism and homophobia turned up in the press and old man Lorne was forced to drop Gillis from the cast and declare his 'jokes' to be "offensive, hurtful and unacceptable.”

Did Gillis learn from it?  No, he got even more hateful.  

Somehow, in senile Lorne's mind, continuing to be "offensive, hurtful and unacceptable"  made him the go-to for a host.

Do you get how offensive that is?

If you don't, maybe your a member of the Trump family.

This is passed off as 'bothsideism.'  It's not.

Bringing on a racist (homophobe, sexist) is not the same as a Democrat or a Republican.  This is hate merchant.  And when Lorne brings on a hate merchant to host, he is normalizing hatred and encouraging violence.  This is outrageous.  

Gillis bombed in the monologue and in the skits.

No surprise, he's a very limited 'talent.'  

The take away is that, for 80-year-old Lorne, you don't have to be funny.  You just have to be a hate merchant and he'll put you on to give 'the other side' a hearing.  

This is the 'bothsideism' you call out.

The KKK do not get to host a program so that we can hear 'both sides.'  Allowing a hate merchant like Gillis to come on does not represent Republicans, it represent hate and fascism. 

Lorne Michael is -- and has been for far too many years -- an embarrassment.  But as he works in his final years to shift the Overton window to include racism and hate in polite conversation, he reaveals how truly craven and disgusting he is.  Remember, this is the man who built up Rudolph William Louis Giuliani before 9/11 -- before 9/11. 

His latest stunt proves that he's far too old to be producing the show.  It also proves something about closet cases but we'll table that for a later date.

Some people ignored this in the lead up for very good reason -- they didn't want to promote it.  We understand that.  In the lead up, a number of us worked on bumping up FOX's game show THE FLOOR which aired against the first 30 minutes of SNL.  

But the reality is that most people just looked the other way because they didn't give a damn.  That's sad and that's disgusting.  The same hate merchants attacking Black History are the same hate merchants attacking reproductive rights and they are the same hate merchants attacking LGBTQ+ people and they are the same hate merchants attacking Asians and Muslims and so many more.  Shame on elderly Lorne Michaels for platforming a hate merchant in order to mainstream violence.

If you're not getting how bad this was and how completely unqualified Shane Gillis was to host, grasp that an opening monlogue should never include this apology, "Look, I don't have any material that can be on TV, all right? I;m trying my best. Also, this place is extremely well-lit. I can see everyone not enjoying it. This is the most nervous I've ever been."  But his did.  
His did.

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