Tuesday, December 12, 2023

WTF in journalism?

New feature.  WTF In Journalism will note a questionable basic.  It's not a fact check -- can you imagine how many articles we'd have to do on media distortions of Gaza alone? -- it's something that you read it and you're left thinking, "Does that journalist live on this planet?"

Hilary Farr is famous for HGTV's LOVE IT OR LIST IT.  That's a basic.  She's now leaving the long running show.  That's a known.  But watch what Meghan Shouse works into her "Hilary Farr Is Leaving 'Love It or List It' And Reveals Cancer Led To Her Decision" (WOMEN'S DAY):

It is a sad day for all HGTV fans out there: Hilary Farr has announced that she will be leaving beloved show Love It or List It after 19 seasons and 15 years. Farr first started on the home transformation show in 2008, co-starring with realtor David Visentin. In the show, Farr and Visentin would compete to "win" their clients' decision on whether to stay in their current house that Farr completely renovates or move into a new home found by Visentin that meets their needs. Fans of the show love the witty back-and-forth quips from the pair, giving Farr and Visentin a sibling-like relationship that has even sparked marriage rumors in the past

"A sibling-like relationship" but has created "marriage rumors"?  What backward hole did Meghan Shouse grow up in where brothers and sisters were the same as married couples?




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