Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Media: They tried to destroy the parade and they failed

You better watch out.  When One Million Moms for Bigotry issue marching orders they mean business and . . . no one listens to them.


It's not like the idiots of Moms For Bigotry would have known that if they hadn't read it.  Second, they were not doing Ted Talks.  Third, they were performers from Broadway plays who would be on with other members of the cast singing and dancing.

This was too much for the bigots.  They demanded a boycott -- and they didn't just want their tiny membership to watch something else, they wanted everyone in the country to watch something else.

The hate merchants power has peaked.  It only took government officials asking certain individuals about these mythical protests to send the big money hidden trash running.  They can't manipulate the stock market again and get away with it.  That was made clear to them by US officials -- it's a shame that you have financial reporters at various media outlets and they didn't figure out what was going on and it's a bigger shame that even when the government 'reminded' certain people of the law, the financial reporters still couldn't find the story.

But their power has peaked.


In part, this happens with most groups.  Eventually, the average person sounds like Mitch and Cam from MODERN FAMILY ("Patriot Games," season six, episode 22, written by Vali Chandrasekara) and state that they don't have the time to follow every issue and turn out for every protest.  It also happens when a pack of liars get exposed for what they really are: Hate merchants.  The United States, as a whole, does not support the restriction of freedoms.  It was only a matter of time before these bigots overplayed their hands.

And we're now at that moment.

Which is how Macy's got great ratings this year.

Christmas came early for NBC: The network’s annual telecast of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade delivered the biggest ratings ever.

The 97th annual parade was seen by 28.5 million viewers and earned a hefty 7.2 rating in the 18-49 age demo. Both numbers are up 6 percent from last year’s parade. It was also the highest-rated entertainment program of the year in both categories across all of broadcast and cable.

The record is particularly impressive at a time when even major live events have witnessed ratings erosion in recent years.

It is very impressive.  Good for Macy's and NBC.

It's also a lesson, a good one, that businesses need to heed.  Moms for Bigotry and A Million Hateful Moms bloviate and bellyache but they don't have the power you think they have.  Bud Light has the excuse that they were early in the cycle and didn't know better.  But, that said, there's never an excuse to attack the influencer you sought out.  It's the treatment of Dylan Mulvaney that's harmed Bud Light more than anything else.  Had they not attacked her and shamed her and disowned her, the left and those in the middle might have not only continued to purchase Bud Light but might have purchased even more because Dylan was under attack.

It happened with the Natalie Maines and the Chicks.  They were pulled off the radio but they had a hell of a week in sales then Bully Boy Bush and others piled up on them in 2003.

Idiots like Speaker of the House Mike Johnson may say that the United States is "irredeemable" due to the fact that 1/4 of high school students label themselves as LGBTQ+ but grasp that the 1/4 of students have brothers and sisters, parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles, friends and neighbors.  That's a lot of people who support them.  Who knows, if Mike's really the closet case he seems (and the one people whisper about), he might even support them privately.

The hate merchants are very vocal, they're just not very big in number.

By being vocal and by being an online 'presence,' they've intimidated a lot of people.

Good for Macy's for refusing to be intimidated.

Macy's had Cher, Beyonce, Brandy, En Vogue and others this year and that helped the ratings but reality also helped the ratings.  They were also helped by the fact that people who actually watch -- apparently the bigots never had -- know that this is a broadcast that lasts over 3 hours  and has around 20 name performers, around 13 marching bands, clowns, groups, hosts, police officers and, yes, balloons.  

Most of the threats come from idiots who never know what they're talking about or what they're threatening to boycott.


Another thing worth noting.  Considering the hate merchants who are usually extremely distasteful Republicans -- and Republicans come lately like Naomi Wolf -- it's worth pondering the way these fools interact -- especially in Congress.  

We've learned of two recent verbal fights among grown men that nearly spilled over into physical fights.  Some might use that topic to ponder impulse control.  Us?  We're just wondering why these men supposedly threatening one another, sound like so much gay porn.

Earlier this month it was Angry Bear Senator Markwayne Mullin threating Sean O'Brien (Teamsters president) in the middle of a Senate committee hearing.   His come on lines included, "You know where to find me."  Doesn't beat Mae West's "come on up and see me sometime"; however, she left it at that.  Markwayne pressed on, "If you want to run your mouth, we can be two consenting adults."  Two consenting adults, as most people know (even in Oklahoma) refers to sex.  Need the MERRIAM-WEBSTER definition?  "A person who is legally considered old enough to have sex: an adult who has consented to have sex."  Get it?  Either Markwayne struggles with the English language or he was coming on to O'Brien.  The flirty Markwayne continued, "We can finish it here.  You want to do it now?  Well, stand your butt up then."  

As Heather Duke says in HEATHERS, "Ah, young love."

Later, apparently confirming rumors that Markwayne is into S&M, he spoking longingly of being able to administer a caning.  And he spoke of being willing to bite O'Brien.  On the neck?  On the nipple?  America wants to know, Markwayne.  We all know, thanks to former US House Rep David Trott, that you're a pig, a little piggie since Trott revealed that, in 2015, you were all up in people's space:

We called up the former congressman, who told us about an AIPAC-sponsored trip to Israel in August 2015 that he remembered about 40 members attending, plus many spouses. Among those spouses was his wife, KATHLEEN “KAPPY” TROTT.

At this point, he handed the phone over to Kappy. She told us about the flight to Israel, which was hampered by layovers and delays. Though they were promised a quick shower in the hotel upon arriving, that schedule was revised on the fly: Instead, they’d immediately board buses to see an Iron Dome installation and a kibbutz.

“We were in the clothes we’d been wearing for like 24 hours,” Kappy says. “We get on this bus, and it’s a couple-hour bus ride and people were kind of leaning on their spouse’s shoulder and falling asleep. And this idiot starts walking up and down the bus with his camera and anyone who fell asleep, he would put his finger in their nose and take a picture.”

“I said [to myself, ‘If] that idiot comes near me when I fall asleep, I’m going to punch him,’” Kappy told us. “And I said to Dave: ‘This is a U.S. congressman?’”

That congressman? Markwayne Mullin.

“Some people were mad, and some people were laughing. There were a couple of women who were mad,” Kappy said. “You’re trying to fall asleep, somebody you don’t know has his finger … It was just middle school. And we were in Israel, and we’re going to go see the Iron Dome and go to a kibbutz. Just didn’t seem appropriate.”

It might be time for people to start setting personal boundaries with Sex Pig Markwayne.

Which brings us to the disgusting Ron DeSantis, alleged governor of Florida when not flitting around the country.  A meeting of his  backers played out like towel wearing boys skipping out on Bathhouse Bette Midler's "Hello In There" performance to rush straight to the baths.  Once there, you don't have to imagine because it played out right in front of Ron's eyes.

Former college football player Scott Wagner was getting on consultant Jeff Roe's nerves.  Jeff declared, "You have a stick up your ass." This lead to Scotty standing up and suggesting, "Why don't you come over here and get it?"  We like to imagine that Scotty then turned his back on Jeff and shook his ass back and forth at Jeff.  But what we do know is that two board members had to grab Scotty to get him to sit back down.

Again, the question isn't why are these GOP-ers so violent, it's why do they sound like bad gay porn when they're making 'threats'?
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