Tuesday, September 06, 2022

Truest statement of the week

Of course the Black political class can be counted on to aid in the subterfuges that are used to keep the people quiet. Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley falsely proclaimed , “President Joe Biden just canceled student debt.” Her assigned role at this juncture is to get Black voters to the polls in November and she can’t do that without lying about Biden. Getting voter buy-in for neo-liberal policies is Pressley’s problem. No one else has to go along with the inevitable falsehoods that come with the territory of holding elective office.

She and others may call themselves “progressives” but in the end they are no better than Senator Biden when he worsened the student debt crisis. They are all little more than errand boys and girls for the kleptocrats and all of them are compromised.

Our power must be used strategically and shouldn’t be thrown away cheaply. No one has to be happy with $10,000 or $20,000 when they need a lot more and no one has to vote for people who treat them like the suckers who are born every minute. The least we can do is understand why President Biden acts just like Senator Biden and why he begs the 1% for money by promising them that nothing will fundamentally change. Expecting the system that created the student loan crisis and the mortgage crisis and the military spending crisis to change without sustained popular demand is to indulge in fantasy.

 -- Margaret Kimberley, "Biden's Student Loan Scam" (BLACK AGENDA REPORT).



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