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The garbage that is DISCOVERY never goes away, does it?  Which is how we arrive at a mid-week piece after doing three already.  That classy and quality company that is DISCOVERY has produced what they're calling a documentary. 

Well thank heaven, right?
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The Iraq War is long overdue for an American documentary that examines the lies and notes how the only US withdrawal that ever really took place was the bulk of the American media leaving (fleeing) at the end of 2008.  In fact, WEVV's 44 NEWS reports, "A deployment ceremony was held in Evansville on Tuesday afternoon for hundreds of Indiana National Guard soldiers who are headed to Iraq.  Tuesday's ceremony was held as a sendoff for approximately 300 members of the 1st Battalion, 163rd Field Artillery."  So thank heaven DISCOVERY is using its wealth of resources to cover such an important topic.

What's that?

It's not about the Iraq War?

Okay, well the plight of young males who are assaulted and abused does get enough attention -- in fact, when the abuse of boys was finally getting some media attention in the Me Too era, Cheetahs like Patricia Arquette, Michelle Williams, etc, hijacked the narrative to make it about how many millions 'poor' actresses weren't getting.  (See "MEDIA: Male norms, Russia hate and lots of excuses -- it's the 90th Academy Awards.") 

Oh.  The Cheetahs must be in charge at DISCOVERY because they're not going to explore that either.

Well goodness knows that Jane Fonda's weak ass Friday Fire Drills aren't seriously addressing climate change (or raising awareness) so climate is an issue that needs media attention -- sorely needs it.  

Since it needs attention, it is apparently the last thing DISCOVERY is going to explore.  Instead, they're going to offer HOUSE OF HAMMER.  Christopher Lee fans shouldn't get excited -- HOUSE OF HAMMER, not HAMMER HOUSE OF HORROR.

This isn't about the British horror films.  

It's not about much when you consider that DISCOVERY boasts that it offers "factual" programming.

What's the woman's name?  The Patti Davis of the Trump family?

We don't like nobodies who pretend to be somebodies.  Patti used to trash her parents, Nancy and Ronald, and try to hob knob on that basis when not bragging that she composed a song for the Eagles (we side with Don Henley on that claim).  We never trusted Patti and we don't trust the Trump-ette.  Others applaud her but we (a) don't trust her and (b) find it pathetic when anyone tries to make their name, fame and/or money off of trashing their relatives for sport.

We don't care for Trump-ette and HOUSE OF HAMMER is full of Trump-ettes.

We watched the first two parts.  Maybe part three turns the whole thing around?  (It couldn't.)

It's garbage and, sorry, DISCOVERY+, it's not even factual.  Maybe that's to be expected when you bring THE QUEEN OF METH on board to do another cheapo piece of TV trash.

Armie Hammer does exist.  He's an actor.  He was a working actor until he started getting smeared. That does bother us -- because we know Armie, because we believe in fairness, and because this is a human life being destroyed with claims that don't add up.

The 'documentary' wants to alarm us.  We're not alarmed.  We grasp that humans are sexual beings and we long ago worked our way through Nancy Friday's work and through own 'research.'  In fact, we assume most adults have -- at least done their own 'research' at any rate.

We bring that up because if you are raped, you are raped.  If you are assaulted, you are assaulted.

Bad dating is not rape or assault.  Dating that did not please you or work your own personal kink is not rape or assault. 

Claims and charges were made against Armie Hammer.  

He lost his career over them.  The Los Angeles Police Department investigated and did not bring charges which means that they couldn't substantiate any of the charges.

Not that surprising when you're being told by Trump-ettes that Armie was intimidating and that was assault.

"I decide when you sleep, when you eat, when you [expletive]. I am 100% a cannibal, I want to eat you."

The 'documentary' includes that.  As proof of how evil Armie is.

Seriously, they do.  

These and other texts were exchanged with women Armie was interested in.

Doesn't sound like assault.  Sounds like someone into power-play in the bedroom feeling out a potential partner to see if they have the same interests.  Considering the popularity of 50 SHADES OF GREY, we're stunned that anyone's shocked by the texts.  

We never hear anything like, "I objected but he showed up and did this to me!"

Again, it's like someone exploring consent.

We thought consent was a good thing.

And if we're dating someone, we'd like to know what we're going to be doing in the bed before we get there.  

Armie has power issues in bed.  No doubt, if the woman replies, "Fine, but sometimes I like to spank a bad boy," he would have been up for that as well.  Show us any guy who initiates dom talk early on and flip him over quickly because he's also a sub.  

Armie's not the only one being trashed in the documentary.  A Trump-ette in the Hammer family (no, we're not going to amplify her name) shows up to dish and she's so proud of herself that she's a producer and a consultant.  She's there to trash multiple relatives including great-great-granddad.  No one is safe with a Trump-ette in the family.  

What any of this has to do with some accusations that were investigated and found to be wanting, we have no idea.  

And, on that, we don't believe that every investigation is fair. Jamie Leigh Jones?  We believe her.  We tell ourselves that no one could win against Dick Cheney's Halliburton.  We know many people feel that is 'case closed' because of the verdict.  And if that's what they feel, that's what they feel.  We're not going to yell and scream at them.  We'll state our opinion and move on.  And that's what we all have to do, make our own judgment calls.  We don't find the accusers particularly believable.  Also true, some of what Arme's accused of does not rise to the level of assault or rape.  Please break that news to nervous nellies Courtney Vucekovich and Julia Morrison.  Also let them know that, when looking for Prince Charming, men who are already married are rarely, if ever, a catch.  In other words, sometimes you invite your own problems.  We're not saying, "She was asking to get raped."  No one is asking for that -- except the loon E. Jean Carroll who told CNN viewers that rape was "sexy."  Courtney and Julia weren't raped or assaulted.  They didn't like texts that they received.  Courtney didn't like Armie tying her up -- afterwards, she didn't complain or protest before.  She chose to go along with it.  We remember, back in the not-so-distant-day, when women were expected to have a little self-respect, you reply that you're offended by whatever offended you and either dump the person or work through it.

What we're saying is: Bad dating is not a crime.

Yes, it may feel like one and you may feel very wronged but it's just a bad experience that you're going to have to get through.

Repeating, bad dating is not a crime -- sometimes it just feels like one.

We decried the attack on Aziz Ansari for the same reason that Ashleigh Banfield did: It wasn't assault and it wasn't rape.  A woman goes out with Aziz and has enough fun to want to go back to his place.  She let's him go down on her multiple times and goes down on him.  After the date?  She decides she was assaulted.

No, dear, you weren't.

You may regret what you did, but you weren't assaulted.  

And we're sorry that no one in your life was able to counsel you and explain that very few people alive today are without a night or two that they don't regret in retrospect.  That's modern dating.  And we live and we learn.  That's what you do if, after sexually pleasuring Aziz by your own choice and allowing him to sexually pleasure you by your own choice, you wake up with regret.  Chalk it up to an experience and learn from it.  Don't whine that you were assaulted or raped because you weren't and you insult real survivors when you equate your bad date with a violent encounter.

There are many women -- the huge numbers would surprise you -- who have been assaulted and/or raped.  DISCOVERY+ will not offer a documentary about that.  But they'll smear Armie Hammer and roll in the gutter for ratings.  They call it entertainment but, in wiser times, society called it exploitation.

Disclosures, we know Armie.  Also Jim is opposed to this going up.  He thinks it should be held for Sunday.  We'd love to do that -- it would mean we'd already done our piece for this week and could actually have some free time.  However, we do know Armie and his career has been harmed and he has been harmed.  We're not going to wait to view the third episode to weigh in on this garbage and we're not going to wait until Sunday.  Jim did ask us to note the other features that went up earlier this week and we will do that:  
P.S. People who have not watched any of the HOUSE OF HAMMER are calling this 'documentary' "shocking."  Dull, that's the best word for it -- along with cheap and exploitative. 





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