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Once upon a time AMAZON revelead they were a liar (Kat)

  "Once upon a time AMAZON revealed they were a liar"

Kat:  Are you an AMAZON PRIME member who believes next day delivery is what you're paying for?  Or maybe you order off AMAZON and look at the day they tell you it will be delivered and believe them?  If so, you may want to stop reading because this little fairy tale doesn't end with a happily ever after.

Diana Ross Tweeted:

My new album ‘Thank You’ is released now, it's all I've dreamed of. From my heart to your heart. You breathe life into these amazing songs. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. #dianarossthankyou
Diana Ross - Thank You
The new album out now!

Diana Ross' THANK YOU came out today.  Weeks ago, I ordered it on AMAZON and I'm AMAZON PRIME so that means next day delivery.  So they shipped it yesterday and it was supposed to arrive today.  And I checked with them -- customer service -- throughout the day.  Yes, it would arrive by 8:00 pm tonight.  But I also checked with UPS.  At 5:00 pm, I was online chatting again.

What were they going to do to fix it?

Fix what, I'm told, it's arriving at 8:00 pm today.  Maybe they need to refresh their screen?

UPS told me on the phone it would be Tuesday.  AMAZON didn't ship it right.  

So I don't tell about the Tuesday or the conversation with UPS, I just say I know it's not arriving today.  Let Venkatraman check a moment.


Well, she's so sorry, it's not arriving today.  But it'll be there tomorrow or Monday.  Anything else she can help me with?

Yeah, she can help me to someone better than her because I have no use for liars.  I know she's only trying to close the chat and get rid of me and that the album will not be arriving until Tuesday because I spoke with UPS.  I know that the package is not even in the state of California currently.

I then get Sathya who apparently doesn't even read the chat transcript before she starts lying to me and telling me my item will be delivered tonight at 8:00 pm.   I tell her that it's not being delivered to me today.  And she goes to check and says there's some delay (yeah, I already knew).

Sahtya:  You'll receive your order.

me: When?

Sahtya: You'll receive your order.

me: When?

I paid on time.

Hell, I paid ahead of time.  And I was promised it would be here today.

Sahtya: It will probably be tomorrow.  Is there anything else?

me: Yes, get me someone else now.  I've already spoken to UPS and I know it won't be delivered until Tuesday.  You've lied to me, get me someone else.

At this point, she tells me that she is the highest point of escalation.  No, she's not.

And I am pissed.  Finally, she says she can have someone call me.   Will they call today or Monday?  She says today.

I give her my number and speak to a guy named Noel.

 Noel starts in on the could be tomorrow, could be Sunday but will be there by Monday.

No, not in the mood.  I already know from UPS that it will be Tuesday.

Noel finally stops me and tries a new tactic.

When the screen says a time, it's not a really a time.  So right now, Diana Ross' THANK YOU, if I order it again, the screen says:

Delivery date: Nov. 72021


So, if I order it right now, I can have it on Sunday (and I'll just give Dak-Ho the copy that arrives Tuesday).  Right?


Noel says that this is an estimate and everyone knows it's an estimate.


There's nothing that says it's an estimate.  There's no asterisk referring you to fine print.  

It's a promise.  Read it again:

Delivery date: Nov. 72021

As far as I'm concerned, that's a contract.  And I enter into believing that they're telling me the truth.  

But, according to Noel, these are just words and just estimates.  I might get it Sunday, it might be later.  "And everyone understands that."

Really?  Because, no, if I see that, I see a promise.  I see a promise that it's going to be delivered and be delivered by that date.

But Noel says no.  And the one day delivery on PRIME?  "You get many things with your PRIME subscription . . ."


I pay for many things with my PRIME subscription.  Quit acting like you're giving me a gift when I'm paying for it.  

I should not expect one day delivery as a person paying from PRIME, Noel tells me, even though that's what I'm promised.

As I told Noel, he's not any help at all and if AMAZON's got these hidden policies, they need to post them.  If the time promised for delivery is not a promise, they need to say that on their website.  

I wouldn't have ordered though them otherwise.  

It was late at night, I was online, I thought, "Oh, go ahead and order it and then you won't have to worry about it getting here.  It'll be all be taken care of."

Coz we all know how lazy I am.  If I had that burst of energy that night, better to pre-order and pay so I didn't have to worry about it again.

However, I now have to worry any time I use AMAZON because when I order and I'm told a delivery date, that's not a promise.  That's just an estimate.  And my problem there is with the carrier.

Strange, because I didn't enter into a relationship with a carrier.  I paid AMAZON for a product that they were selling.  They're the ones who told me when I'd get it.  

But according to AMAZON this is not their problem.  This is a problem between me and the carrier.  

It's really nice how no one's accountable anymore, isn't it?

Noel kept asking what he was supposed to do?

I said, "Well for one thing, stop saying Monday.  Say we will put in a new order right now and we'll get it to you on Sunday."  

Well it shows Sunday on the website but it would probably be Monday or Tuesday, he says.

I just can't.  

This is such nonsense.  If you promise something, then you promise it.  And you should be held accountable.  But, hey, now I know that AMAZON, when it tells you when the package will arrive, doesn't mean that that's when it will actually arrive.  Could be days later.  Noel said it could be a week later.  It's just an estimate.  

"I just want to lower your expectations," Noel told me. 

I'd love to see that AMAZON commercial on TV.  "Hi, I'm Noel and I work for AMAZON.  I just want to lower your expectations.  That's what we do, here at AMAZON, lower your expectations.  So you won't get upset when we fail to deliver on our promises."

Must be nice to be able to get away with lying to people on your website over and over and feel no guilt.  Must be nice to be that much of a crook.  

 I'll be doing my review of the album, probably tomorrow.  I'll be using C.I.'s advanced copy that she's had for some time now. I could do that on reviews.  I try not to.  I think I've done that once before -- and I noted it in the review.  Otherwise, I pay for it.  If it's good and I recommend that you buy an album, I'm not going to be a hypocrite and say, "Buy it!" -- even though I haven't.  So I buy all that I review (with that one exception that was noted a few years back).  It'll either go up tomorrow or Sunday.  If that's too long for you, I will note that no where on this website did I ever say "Diana Ross' THANK YOU will be released on Friday and I will be reviewing it Friday."

But, if I had said that, you damn well better believe you'd be reading a review of the album right now.  Because some of us take promises seriously.

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