Tuesday, November 16, 2021

NPR, stop the racism (before you break our hearts) (Ava and C.I.)

NPR likes to pretend it is a fair news outlet.  Reading some of the coverage of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, we'd beg to disagree.  And that's before you factor in their lies and attacks on THE NEW YORK POST for the POST breaking the Hunter Biden laptop story and before you factor in the whole Iraq War that they helped push.


Why are we accusing NPR of racism?

Well, we're not the first to do so, after all.  The statistics -- on guests, on on-airs, on topics -- have long indicated the racism.

But we were reminded of that when we came across a report on NPR:

You know, also, I felt like when I was listening to this album, a lot of the songs almost sound like pep talks for yourself or for a friend.

Oh, great! NPR's finally covering Diana Ross.  Her new album, THANK YOU, is about learning to live and love in the pandemic, learning to find our blessings and . . . 

Oh, wait, NPR was speaking with an Australian singer.

Anything to avoid Diana Ross, right?


Oh, NPR, Think it over, before you break our hearts, think it over.



That's Diana Ross "All Is Well" from her new album THANK YOU.

Barbra Streisand releases an album of tired and old recordings (RELEASE ME 2) and NPR rushes to speak with her.

When has NPR ever bothered to speak to Diana Ross?

She's a legend releasing a new album and they just aren't interested.  FRESH AIR has never seen fit to sit down with Diana.  NPR just doesn't care.  Diana charted in the Hot 100 more than any other artist last century.  She continues to chart on the dance chart.  She is a legend and a trail blazer around the world -- except in the offices of NPR where, apparently, an African-American woman has to accomplish even more than Diana has.

Grammy winner, she's sang on 73 songs that made the Hot 100, over 80 songs that charted on the R&B charts, 22 hits on the dance charts (including four number ones in 2020), 30 songs on the AC charts, 1 Academy Award nomination for Best Actress, 7 American Music Awards, 1 Tony Award, 1 Golden Globe Award, 1 Grammy (and 13 more nominations) . . . 

How many honors are required for Terry Gross and company to be interested in interviewing you?

Diana Ross' video for "I Still Believe" below.

Please check out Kat's "Kat's Korner: No, Diana Ross, Thank You" -- her review of Diana Ross' new album. Yes Kat covered the album.  Yet NPR, in their musical roundtable (NEW MUSIC FRIDAY) last week managed to cover six albums released that day but didn't manage to include Diana's THANK YOU.  They're rushing off to interview Robert Plant this week, by the way.  Pretend not to notice the racism that keeps Diana from being interviewed and her album from being noted.  Or maybe smarten up and let NPR know you're not donating a penny until they rectify both their racist past and their racist present.



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