Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Editorial: Collie was a War Hawk

War Criminal Colin Powell's dead.  You might have heard that from a Hollywood fat f**k who wanted to praise Colin -- same guy who molested his son by the way as his son reveals regularly in his 12-step group.

We point that out because you will know what to think of people by the way they speak of Colin.  Supposed leftists who praise him?  They're on the verge of hell themselves, just counting off the days until their own deaths.

The mushy middle?  Yeah, they never did anything for anyone.

The War Cheerleaders?  They'll do anything to try to brush the blood off their uniforms.

The War Hawks?  They know and lust after their own.

The dead in Iraq don't have the luxury of pretending that Colin Powell was a good guy.  They're dead because of him.

Colin was a War Criminal.  Now he's a dead War Criminal and we can rejoice over the fact that he's no longer walking among us.

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