Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Editorial: Despite the lies and liars, things are still awful in the ongoing crime scene that is Iraq

This month, Condi Rice and Bully Bush both emerged to declare that Iraq was a success because of their efforts -- their criminal efforts.  Condi's been lying forever and a day and it's no real surprise.  This is the woman who, remember, insisted to the 9/11 Commission that "no one could have guessed" regarding the 9/11 attacks, the one who would be forced to admit to the same Commission that the August 6, 2001 PDB (Presidential Daily Briefing from the CIA) was entitled "Bin Laden Determined To Strike in US."  You know what everyone could have guessed?  That Condi Rice would continue to lie about her actions, that she would lie forever and that the press would continue to let her get away with it.

The surprise?

How the pathetic and the craven glorified Bully Boy Bush while Donald Trump was president allowing him the courage to emerge from under the rock he'd hidden for years, from under the rock that he belonged for the rest of his life.

A War Criminal doesn't get public forgiveness.  Lori Loughlin had to go to prison for over her daughter's college admission but Bully Boy Bush gets to be granted an absolution after his illegal war killed millions?  That's not even getting into the PATRIOT Act or his targeting of Muslims or his targeting of the LGBTQ community or his illegal spying on Americans or his gulag at Guantanamo Bay or his . . .

You get the idea.

Bully Boy Bush is a War Criminal and those trying to redeem him are as guilty of his War Crimes as he is.  And his crime scene (Iraq) is not a success.

It's no surprise that the same press that lied and whored to sell the Iraq War was happy to lob softballs at Condi Rice or to act as though Bully Boy Bush was someone whose lies needed to be delivered to audiences.  

The crime scene. 

Barham Salih, Iraq's president, addressed the United Nations last Thursday.




What did he talk about?   

Many things. 

He talked about the lack of safety in Iraq:

President Salih told world leaders the danger terrorism poses cannot be understated.

“If we become lax and distracted by regional conflicts, we will simply see the return of obscurantist forces that will threaten our peoples and our security,” he said, speaking through an interpreter.

“Cooperation and solidarity are our only choice in our fight against international terrorism and the groups which support it. We have to fight against its funding, deal with its dangerous effects, and provide reparation to its victims, ensuring that these tragic sufferings are not repeated.”

Equally as worrying to Salih?  The corruption in the country.  AP notes, "Iraqi President Barham Salih on Thursday said his country was facing a 'national battle' against corruption and that it could not move forward until it was won."

Earlier this year, last May, he gave a speech on TV.  Lara Dimhis (OCCRP) reported:

At least US$150 billion has been stolen and smuggled out of Iraq since 2003, the country’s President Barham Salih said on Sunday, declaring that corruption “must stop” and the stolen money must be recovered.

“Of the close to a trillion dollars made from oil since 2003, an estimated 150 billion dollars of stolen money has been smuggled out of Iraq,” Salih said in a TV speech.

President since 2018, Salih said that the amount that disappeared in corrupt deals would have been enough to “put the country in a better condition.”

His remarks came as he presented to the parliament a newly drafted law which seeks to “recover the proceeds of corruption,” hold the corrupt accountable and bring them to justice.

It's so bad that Sunday CNN offered a "web extra" of Fareed Zakaria asking Barham Salih about the ocrruption and how it has harmed Iraq and how it threatens Iraq

Of course, Fareed being Fareed, he first had to lie about Iraq's history.  It's cute the way he pretended that each election was peaceful with a peaceful transfer or power.  In March 2010, for example, Nouri al-Maliki the sitting prime minister was rejected by the voters.  He alleged voter fraud and the United Nations handed him several more votes in an alleged 'recount' but that still didn't make him the winner.  And he refused to step down.  In March, he refused to step down.  In April, he refused to step down.  In May, he refused to step down.  In June, in July, in August . . . Finally, in November, the US government tossed the votes aside via the contract they negotiated (The Erbil Agreement) and they gave Nouri the second term.  Fareed lied by avoiding that reality.  Fareed also lie when he talked about no arrest.  Do we remember what happened after Nouri took his second term as prime minister?  He tried to arrest the vice president (Tareq al-Hashimi) and he would have been able to if Tareq wasn't already out of the country.  

Fareed is one of those members of the press who can't tell the truth.  He cant tell you how bad things are in Iraq.

But corruption is so bad that even a whore like Fareed has to admit to it.

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