Tuesday, June 15, 2021


When I was finally up at bat, I felt like I needed to do something different. So I asked around. Most of my co-workers suggested some sort of legal book (no surprise, I'm an attorney) but one suggested a novel. Works of fiction don't get a lot of attention in our online community. Marcia's the only one who notes them with any real regularity. We tend to be a non-fiction based community. 

So a novel -- and one that my co-worker raved over -- seemed the thing to do. Which is how I ended up reading Victoria Lee's THE FEVER KING. This is yet another novel sent a post-apocalyptical future and, honestly, dystopia bores me. If that had been all the novel had to offer, I would have stopped reading it. But it's an involving book centering around a young man who loses his family during a pandemic (outbreak of magic) and he's left with the power to control technology. The government wants to use him and use his powers. He's hoping to use them to address issues (including immigration).

It's one of those books that you read, look up at the clock, realize you should have been in bed an hour ago but tell yourself, "Five more pages, just five more."

It grips you, it pulls you in and you're at the end before you know it.

I'm not sure I was the intended audience for the book. It felt to me like this was a book probably geared at Young Adult readers. If so, I was a visitor in a foreign land but I certainly enjoyed the visit and would recommend the book to everyone.










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