Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Oh, Liz, you thought the country gave a damn what you thought?

Liz Cheney? She's human trash -- not because she serves in Congress (thought that probably doesn't help) but because she's a member of the notorious Cheney mob.

Liz felt the need to declare this week that former US President Donald Trump is not running the Republican Party.

That declaration led us to a horrifying question: Liz doesn't think she's running the GOP, does she?

No, she's apparently not that crazy. She declared that the party was being run by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. It's an interesting claim. Neither man holds or has ever won a national election. So how would they qualify as a national party leader?

Ronna Romney McDaniel strikes us as a better choice. She is the Chair of The Republican National Comittee. One would think that if, at present, Donald Trump is not the party's leader, the mantle would go to her.

Considering that Liz's own popularity is plunging in her home state of Wyoming, we're not sure what qualifies her as the best judge of her party?

But that's the notorious Cheney mob -- when not killing people (especially Muslims), they can usually be found lying and making an ass of themselves. In that regard, Liz will always be her father's daughter.


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