Wednesday, April 14, 2021

KINDLE UNLIMITED (Betty, Ava and C.I.)



In 2018, community sites took turns covering a book every week.  You can see "In 2018, we read books" to review that coverage.  We didn't want to repeat ourselves in 2019 or 2020.  So when Marcia came up with a way to cover books but with a twist, we were all for it.  Marcia's idea was for us to digital books -- we're largely a printed text crowd -- and to use AMAZON's KINDLE UNLIMITED.  So for 2021, we'll be doing a book a week and trying to just use KINDLE UNLIMITED. This week, we're talking with Betty about her "THE COLOR PURPLE."


 Alice Walker's THE COLOR PURPLE is a classic.  You found it on KINDLE UNLIMITED.

Betty: Right.  They do have classics but they're usually ones that are in the public domain.  Novels that are a hundred years or more old.  So I was really excited to find THE COLOR PURPLE on KINDLE UNLIMITED.  If you were to make a list of the 100 novels of all time that every one should read, THE COLOR PURPLE would be on that list.

It is a classic.  Along with winning accolades and prizes as a novel, the book has been made into a dramatic film and into a Broadway musical.  You've read the book several times, correct?

Betty: I'd probably guess ten times.  I read it before I saw the movie.  My brother insisted.  He said that once I saw the movie, it would influence the way I saw the book so I had to read the book first.  I'm glad I did.  It's one of my favorite books.

It's a compelling story what parts speak to you most strongly.

Betty: Certainly the relationship between Celie and her sister Nettie.  That's the core of the book for me.  Even now, knowing what happens, I still feel my heart swell when Celie finds out Nettie's alive.  Mister had hid letters from Nettie and Shug and Celie go through those letters. I also like how Harpo becomes a better person.  People always talk about Mister's growth and it is there but Harpo has his own growth spurt as well.  

After Celie, who's your favorite character?

Betty: That's so hard.  I love Nettie, I love Shug, I love Sofia and I love Squeak.  I see them in my mind when I read the book.  Not Whoopi Goldberg or Rae Dawn Chong or whomever.  I'm not seeing the movie, I'm seeing the characters.  I would recommend that if anyone is unfamiliar with the movie and the book that they start with the book.

Betty, as always, thank you.




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