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In 2018, community sites took turns covering a book every week.  You can see "In 2018, we read books" to review that coverage.  We didn't want to repeat ourselves in 2019 or 2020.  So when Marcia came up with a way to cover books but with a twist, we were all for it.  Marcia's idea was for us to digital books -- we're largely a printed text crowd -- and to use AMAZON's KINDLE UNLIMITED.  So for 2021, we'll be doing a book a week and trying to just use KINDLE UNLIMITED. This week, we're talking with Stan about his "GOODBYE NATALIE, GOODBYE SPLENDOUR."

So this is a book about Natalie Wood's last weekend?

Stan: Right.  Have either of you read the book?

No,, we haven't.

Stan:  You should.  I saw a lot of the points you have made in the book.  I even noted "Natalie Wood: The lies that remain repeated (C.I.)" that C.I. wrote last year.  The book convinced me that Robert Wagner is responsible for Natalie Wood's death.  If he didn't push her overboard -- accidentally or intentionally -- he made the decision to leave her in the water.  That's why you have the two people who heard her crying for help in the water.  That's why he kept the captain Dennis Davern from looking and delaying any search for Natalie. To read the book is to realize that Robert Wagner killed Natalie Wood.  

It sounds like a very powerful book.

Stan: I found it very powerful.  This book that he wrote with Marti Rulli could have just been his story.  And that would have been fine.  We would have been left with do we trust him or do we trust Robert Wagner.  But Marti Rulli has done a lot of investigative work.  That's how she tracks down the couple in bed in their yacht that heard Natalie's screams and heard a man, Robert Wagner, yelling at Natalie.  The Wagner faction try to play the book off as some sort of attempt to make money on Davern's part.  That's not reality.  Read the book, it's so much more than Davern.  



Stan: With regards to this book, I'd like to remind anyone reading that if they are paying for KINDLE UNLIMITED, they can read the book for free.  I am enjoying it.  I wish it had more books but I'm hoping that this series this year will help with that.  I got e-mails on "Adrienne Barbeau's bad book THERE ARE WORSE THINGS I COULD DO" and there are people who are learning about KINDLE UNLIMITED as a result and there are people who subscribe who e-mail and say they're glad that there's a serious series on KINDLE UNLIMITED because there's a lot that can be improved.





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