Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Tooth Brushes

Corporations are responsible for pollution.  We're not idiots.  We never bought into the nonsense that GE pimped, trying to push the blame off on individuals back in 2007.  From Ava and C.I.'s "TV: Global Boring:"

Big Business was all on board with this special. It's the perfect message for them: If everyone would just buy (more expensive) light bulbs, we could end environmental pollution!

We believe in global warming and believe the cause is man-made; however, we're not so stupid to believe that the toxic air so many of us now breathe came about due to individuals.

The special repeatedly broadcast it was up to you to fix the problems that you have caused but "you" was a funny sort of plural that never included Big Business. (Needless to say, the words "Hudson River" were never mentioned on a G.E. aired special.) While individuals can make a difference with the choices they make, it's also true that until Big Business (and, no, Bloomberg, the taxi cab industry in NYC is not Big Business) is forced to stop polluting, individuals taking actions in their own homes are merely slowing global warming, they are not preventing it. And the special, the alleged environmental special, had no time to address that. (Again, Trudie raised that very real issue and was shut down by Ann Curry and told to stick to 'personal stories.')

So please don't take this article for, "Tooth brushes are destroying the world!!!"  But our issue is when did they decide, the corporations, to waste so much plastic on the handle of a tooth brush?

Via Proctor & Gamble, here's the typical tooth brush found in stores these days.


The one below looks more like the ones we grew up with.


Note how much less material is used for the handle.  Even better, the one you're looking at is bio-degradable because it's made of bamboo.  The bamboo tooth brush is available at Spotlight Oral Care.

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