Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Knots Landing



Earlier this month, some cast members of KNOTS LANDING (including Michele Lee, Joan Van Arc and Donna Mills) got together online to talk about the show.

And what a show it was, running 14 seasons.

Some of our favorite moments?

When Val gave birth but the twins 'died' . . . but were really kidnapped.

When Abby brought home the twins.

When Val gave Lilimae a home perm.

When Lilimae and Cathy confronted Lilimae's son (and Cathy's husband) Joshua and he fell off the roof to his death.

When Abby confronted her daughter Olivia over drug use.

When Abby and Gary finally slept together.

When Karen first met Mac.

When Laura forgave Val and made plans to leave town before her illness worsened.

When Anne was homeless.

When Paige would dash into Karen's kitchen offering to help -- dash in as soon as she knew all the dishes had already been washed.

When Paige and Anne locked horns over anything -- money, Greg, you name it.

Laura and Ciji's friendship and the violent reaction to the friendship that Laura's husband Richard had ("who wears the pants?").  

Abby's departure from the show with her singing "Don't Worry, Be Happy."

This is a show that some of us loved in real time and others discovered in reruns.  But it was a great show.

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