Monday, October 19, 2020

About our 200

 For this listing, we utilized five community members and all of us working on this edition.  You'll see people like Peter Sellers and Shirley MacLaine and Mae West and Bob Hope with multiple films on the list.  Charlie Chaplin?  He only ended up having one film on the list.  And it's also the only silent film to make the list.  

The actor or actress with the most films on the list?  Goldie Hawn with 12.

After Goldie, you have Diane Keaton (7), Jane Fonda (6), George Segal, Parker Posey and Marilyn Monroe (5) and Eddie Murphy and Katharine Hepburn (4).  

In terms of directors?  Woody Allen places eleven films on the 200.  Please note that although PLAY IT AGAIN, SAM is on the list, Woody did not direct that film.  

Howard Hawks was next on the directors list with four films.  Numerous directors (Nora Ephron, Mel Brooks, etc) ended up with two films on the list.


We hope you enjoy the 200 and it could have been 500 but no one wanted to put in the kind of time we had to in order to get our "500 Greatest albums of the rock era."

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