Monday, September 21, 2020

Editorial: Iraqi activists remain targeted

 Last week, ALJAZEERA aired a special on the targeting of activists in Iraq.

It's a major report and it's a needed one.  If you doubt it, this weekend has seen the kidnapping of activists Sajjad al-Iraqi.  Iraqi Observatory for Human Rights Tweeted:

The kidnapping of the activist, Sajjad Al-Iraqi, at the entrance to Dhi Qar Governorate.

Another activist attacked.  The Iraqi constitution guarantees that citizens can peacefully protest.  But the government looks the other way -- for a week shy of a year now -- as militias -- who are part of the government now -- attack activists.

They kidnap them, they injure them, they kill them.  

When is the world going to pay attention to what's going on?

We'll close with this Tweet:

His Excellency the Ambassador the Iraqi youth suffers from the militia’s power over the country We are threatened with kidnapping or killing if we express our opinions The closest example of this is Sajjad al-Iraqi who was kidnapped yesterday and has not yet been liberated


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