Friday, September 11, 2020

Another fine mess

finemess"Mr. Trump knew it was deadly and airborne." That's what THE NEW YORK TIMES runs with and they would, wouldn't they? Whores flock together, and it's not always under a street lamp. Ahead of the coronavirus outbreaks in the US, President Donald Trump knew it would be bad, much worse than he let on.

Who knows what was going through Donald's head? Did he grasp what he was being told? (We've never been confident that he qualified as "smart.") Did he believe what he was told? Was he thinking, or told, that he needed to manage public opinion and keep everyone lulled into a sense of calm?

We have no idea.

We do know that we object to sugar coating, we don't believe in it. Which brings us to the true villain in this story: Bob Woodward.

Woody is a criminal. He should be charged as a public menace.

As he makes clear in his new book, he spoke to Donald about these things. Bob Woodward knew what was going on and understood what was going on.

He did nothing with that information.

He sat on it. He could have, in January, reported it on the front page of THE WASHINGTON POST and helped avert the deaths of many. Instead, he sat on the information and he sat on it for one reason: Personal profit.

Grasp that. He presents as a journalist but a journalist's duty is to report, to hold the powerful accountable, to ensure public safety by doing their job.

Grasp that Julian Assange is on trial and being persecuted because he reported what the public needed to know while Bob Woodward walks free having endangered millions of Americans just so, months later, he could have a 'scoop' for his book.

Woodward's getting ready to make the rounds promoting his new book. He'll be doing 60 MINUTES on Sunday, for example. Shame on every outlet that promotes him, that plays into his game and pretends he's doing journalism when he put greed above the public's right to know.


Illustration is Isaiah's THE WORLD TODAY JUST NUTS "Another Fine Mess."

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