Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Truest statement of the week II

 In a recent statement, more than 70 former national security officials and politicians that were involved in Republican administrations dating back to Reagan have announced that they will be voting for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. The statement, headlined, “A Statement by Former Republican National Security Officials,” was run as a full page ad in the Wall Street Journal. The ad came amid attempts by the Democratic Party to emphasize support they have among Republicans.

The statement includes 10 points outlining their opposition to Trump largely based on his inability to effectively carry out the interests of US imperialism at home and abroad. Those points claiming Trump “undermined the rule of law” are thoroughly hypocritical coming from a gang of former State Department, CIA, FBI, and NSA agents and directors responsible for war crimes and illegal mass surveillance.

A quick look at the careers of many signatories to the statement shows that the Democratic Party has become a pole of attraction for some of the most right-wing and deplorable elements within American society.

-- Isaac Finn, "Who are the Republican spymasters and war criminals who have endorsed Biden?" (WSWS).




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