Tuesday, July 28, 2020

From The TESR Test Kitchen


The candy companies keep trying to sell you the same candy bar you're already buying but with a new Twist.

Did someone say Twix?

Twix is convinced that you're going to love their traditional candy bar even more now that it comes in a new Cookies & Creme flavor.  And isn't that what Americans really want -- "creme" and not "cream"?  Who doesn't like a candy bar that reeks of self-importance?


This is an awful candy bar that has no real new taste after one chew.  And that initial fleeting taste is thankfully weak because it's also repugnant.

We wouldn't recommend this crap to our worst enemy -- no, not even to Debra Messing.

But don't give up hope.  Milky Way has introduced a new version of their candy bar and it's Salted Caramel.  It's also very tasty -- one of the few attempts at making the same candy bar with a tiny variation that actually works.

We'd also recommend DAVID ALL NATURAL PUMPKIN SEEDS -- they've been around since 1925 and they're tasty and also good for you.

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