Monday, June 01, 2020

Ty's Corner


Can DoorDash please do a better job?

My boyfriend and I ordered chicken our sides were okra and corn.  Long after it should have been here, we get a call from our driver.  And that part's okay.  We understand food may be late.

It was even okay when we were told the reason for the call: the establishment was out of corn.  That's not the delivery driver's fault.

When she arrived with the food, she apologized for being late but explained that they were out of Diet Coke so she had gotten Sprite and . . .


My boyfriend's diabetic.  A lot of people are diabetic.

In what world would you substitute a regular Sprite for a Diet Coke?

Why do I even have to write about this?  It should be obvious to everyone.

But this isn't just a DoorDash issue.  Back in January, we went to one of my favorite eateries on Clay Street.  And he ordered an unsweet tea and I forget what I ordered to drink.  We're waiting for the food and the wait staff sits down our drinks.  I'm sipping away and it's a perfect day until my boyfriend takes a sip and spits it out.  What's the problem?

It's not unsweet.

We call the waitstaff over and he explains that they were out of unsweet tea so, while that's brewing, he brought over a sweet tea.

How are those the same thing?

There are people who are trying to lose weight and cutting sugar out of their diet.  Those people have every right to receive what they order.

But when we're talking about diabetic people, it's not just that they deserve to get what they pay for, it's also that for health reasons, they can't have sugary drinks.

It seems so obvious but clearly it's not connecting with everyone.

Back to DoorDash.  We get a call about a side being out.  But when drinks are out, they don't bother to call?  And, one more time, a regular Sprite is not now or ever the same think as a diet soft drink.

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