Monday, April 27, 2020

The Whores List

March 24th, Katie Halper's interview with Tara Reade aired, the interview where Tara details how then-Senator Joe Biden assaulted her.  In the days that followed, numerous people either attacked her or ignored her.  Below is a list of 20 whores working to ensure that Tara's voice will not be heard.  Want to add someone?  E-mail and we'll update the list.

1) Alyssa Milano

2) Michelle Goldberg

3) Baby Jessica Valenti

4) Joan Walsh

5) Amanda Marcotte

6) Anderson Cooper

7) Debra Messing

8) Chuck Todd


10) Amber Tamblyn

11) John Aravosis

12) Ken Olin

13) Patricia Arquette

14) Mira Sorvino

15) Jane Mayer

16) Ronan Farrow

17) Ashley Judd

18) Mia Farrow

19) Dylan Farrow

20) Leonard Pitts

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