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Editorial: Take a moment to note the late Malak Hayder al-Zubiedi

Saturday night, THE COMMON ILLS noted that Malak Hayder al-Zubiedi died on Saturday. 

Her story should have been widely reported.  No US outlet bothered to do so.

We'll note coverage at THE COMMON ILLS from last week.

Sunday, April 12th:

And it takes place around the world.  Note this Tweet:

In Iraq,this girl has been burned,the psychological stress experienced by women are great and many,Domestic violence,killing in the name of customs and traditions,early marriage,absence of a law for holding men accountable,no law to limit childbearing,etc.

The photos are said to be of Malak Hayder al-Zubiedi

Another Tweet:

Men have to be punished by the law but IRAQ don't have one, all we do is being killed here. Women's in this world are without rights. We live as if we are useless just to satisfy MEN. Hope she's alright now and the girls in same situation too don't give up!! #ملاك_حيدر_الزبيدي

Sara Bassam Tweets:

We the women of Iraq demanding the women rights organizations and women rights activists to help #Malak to get the justice after she has been burned and abused by her husband who has been savagely torturing her-Tribes and laws will protect the abuser man’s side

From Monday's "Iraq snapshot:"

Starting in Iraq, Awrah al-Alawi maintains that an arrest warrant has been issued for members of the family that Malak Hayder al-Zubiedi married into.
لا حول ولا قوة الا بالله ، الله ينتقم منهم بنت مواليد 2000 يحرقونها علشان العادات و التقاليد الي ما تمد بالدِّين بأي صلة
( تخلف ) #ملاك_حيدر_الزبيدي
Malak Hayder al-Zubiedi is a 19-year-old woman who was burned -- by her husband? -- and who was not allowed to see her own family for over eight months.  
AL ARABY reports that the burning of Malak became news when her sister posted on FACEBOOK Saturday about what happened.

Smraa Smraa
on Saturday
وين الغياره وين اهل الرحم وين اماره ازبيد هاي شعره شاربكم هذا السوو بالطفلة وفوكاهاا يهدده تقبلون هيج خلي يجي يشوف بنت زبيد بعد ماتفنن بتعذيبه حركها ابن العقيد حميد المياحي
Image may contain: ‎text that says '‎منشور Safa هاي البنية الي موجودة هسة بالطابق السادس خطية والله ذاك اليوم بخفارتي الليل كله تصيح من الألم وما خليت مسكن ما انطيتهيا وما فاد مع الأسف والله بنية بعمر الورد أعجبني رد 10 مصطفى الخفاجي الله يشافيه 7س أعجبني ابو احمد العيساوي الله يشافيه بحق الحسين حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل أعجبني رد س‎'‎
Image may contain: one or more people and closeup
Image may contain: one or more people
Image may contain: one or more people and closeup



Prior to the FACEBOOK post, authorities were saying she had burned herself.  Now, two brothers of her husband have been arrested while authorities insist that they are trying to locate her husband but he is on the run.  Luay al Yassiry, the Governor of Najaf, states that a special team of investigators have been tasked with the case.

If we don't publicize this, in one way or another we're actively promoting a culture of silence. Women in Iraq are still fighting for their simplest rights amid a patriarchal society that always favors and lawfully justifies the actions of these criminals.

From Tuesday's "Iraq snapshot:"

Turning to Iraq and the topic of Malak Hayder al-Zubiedi.  Two English language outlets in the Middle East covered the story yesterday afternoon.  Linah Alsaafin (ALJAZEERA) notes:

The alleged burning and abuse of a young Iraqi woman at the hands of her husband and his family has caused outrage on social media, with activists and commentators calling for laws to protect women from domestic violence.
Videos circulated of Malak Haider al-Zubaidi, 20, bedridden in a hospital in the holy city of Najaf and screaming in pain, her face swollen from burns and her entire body bandaged.
Al-Mayahli, a police officer, wrote on his Facebook page that al-Zubeidi has a mental illness and had set herself on fire.
"She burned herself with petrol and accused me and my family," he wrote. "There are sponsored accounts that are posting these lies just to slander my family."
Activists reacted with scorn to his words, and some shared an unverified statement from his family, saying that as sons of an important colonel in the army, the law cannot touch them.

Mina Aldroubi (THE NATIONAL) adds:

Campaigners have been pressuring the government since 2011 to pass a draft law to prevent violence against women and to change the penal code, Iraqi women’s rights activist Suhaila Al Assam told The National.

“A parliamentary session was held on it a few years ago but parliamentarians have blocked its passing as they say it goes against Islamic beliefs,” Ms Al Assam said.
She said what had happened to Ms Al Zubaidi was a crime against women and the perpetrators must be held accountable.
“This is due to negligence from the government,” Ms Al Assam said.
She said politicians should show responsibility by passing laws to protect women from domestic abuse.
Measures to control the spread of the coronavirus also have a devastating impact on Iraqi families, Ms Al Assam said.
“Iraq’s deteriorating economic situation along with the current lockdown has meant that many people are out of jobs, without money and are sitting at home,” she said.
But this “should not lead to men conducting criminal acts such as killing or raping their wives”.

Ms Al Assam said the Iraqi Women’s Association, of which she is a member, would persist in its battle to ensure that victims received justice.

Riham Darwish (ALBAWABA) notes, "Concerns have risen worldwide regarding a spike in domestic violent attacks against women in several countries, where the outbreak of COVID-19 has hindered police ability to protect vulnerable members of the society."

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