Monday, March 16, 2020

There's really only one choice in this race

Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders, who is the right choice?

If you're looking for an idiot, you'll find him in Joe Biden.

Writing at CNN (or at least taking credit for what someone else wrote for him), Joe insists:

Unfortunately, this virus has laid bare the severe shortcomings of the current administration. Public fears are being compounded by a pervasive lack of trust in this President, fueled by his adversarial relationship with the truth.
Our government's ability to respond effectively has been undermined by the hollowing-out of our agencies and the disparagement of science. Our ability to drive a global response is dramatically undercut by the damage President Donald Trump has done to our credibility and our relationships around the world. And just yesterday, Trump flatly refused to take responsibility for the failure of testing to date. When asked a legitimate public health question, he said, "Yeah, no, I don't take responsibility at all." It is the job of the President to take responsibility -- and his response is unacceptable.

Oh, wow, Joe's criticizing Donald Trump, how novel, how original.  And how useless.

The issue is not Donald Trump.  The issue is a for-profit medical system that does not guarantee, does not provide healthcare for all.

Bernie Sanders explained the situation in his Saturday Fireside Chat:

What we learn from these crises in order to in order to prepare ourselves for the future in terms of how we got here, where we want to go differently in terms of at least health care and the economy, I think what is clear right now is that despite the fact that we are spending twice as much per capita on healthcare as the people of any other nation it is astounding how unprepared we are as a nation to deal with this crisis.  And obviously, this deals with Trump and the pathetic nature of his administration but it does go beyond that.  The idea right now that we do not have enough test kits available, that we do not have the latest methodology in terms of processing the results, the idea that there are millions of people out there who would like to get tested but don't know where they can go to get tests, the idea that we are failing from a primary healthcare point of view, that people can't gain access to a doctor in many parts of this country -- even if they have insurance, the idea that 87 million or us are uninsured or underinsured and there are people actually out there -- maybe watching this event right now -- who are saying "I don't feel well, I may have the symptoms of the coronavirus.  I can't afford to go to the doctor.  Or if I do go to the doctor and I get tested and am found positive, I can't afford the treatment." Take a step back.  How insane is that?

It's really basic.  One of them can identify the problems and provide solutions and the other doesn't know where he's at or what the problem actually is but he'll hurl insults at Donald Trump and the zombies will applaud.

 This is a serious issue.  Only one candidate is grasping that.

Again, here's Bernie:

 I think what people are now understanding is that the function of a rational and humane healthcare system -- not just in a crisis like todaybut in general -- must be to provide quality healthcare to all, be prepared for epidemics -- and let us be frank, this is not going to be the last epidemic facing this country -- that the function is to take care of people, not to make huge profits for the insurance companies and the drug companies.

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