Monday, January 20, 2020

Editorial: Will we use our voices?

What will US media cover today?  And let's include US social media in that as well.  More garbage?  More daily outrage?

Might they stop a moment to cover what's going on in Baghdad.

Iraq: Baghdad police use tear gas, live fire as protests rage

A months long protest has been taking place across Iraq.  Might we start to really notice it in the US?  We are the reason, grasp that, for the protests.

We started an illegal war, our government did, and tried to hide it behind a fig leaf of 'democracy.'  The Iraqis have been devastated by our war.  But they do want to control their own destiny, they want self-rule.

They've taken to the streets for that.  They have put their own lives on the line.  Any chance we might not just recognize that but use our own resources to amplify it?

  1. Tear gas near 's Tiyaran square today as security forces try to push back protestors from the highway. A 21-year-old protestor dead after being shot by security forces. With no movement on new government, protests escalating. Photo by Ahmed Qusay.

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