Monday, December 23, 2019

Editorial: How many have to die for it to be news?

So PBS teamed with POLITICO to host last week's Democratic Party debate consisting of a small group of people seeking the Democratic Party's presidential nomination.

Where was Iraq?

Now that i have your attention Protests have been taking a place in Iraq since October the 1st. Over 600 peaceful demonstrators got killed in the most atrocious ways. (Thousands got serious injuries that affect their lives) Activists been getting kidnapped and murdered

How many have to die before Iraq becomes a serious topic in the debates?

The Iraq War only came up when Senator Bernie Sanders brought it up.

And then the moderators changed the topic.

It's one of the greatest crimes of the 21st century.

The lives of so many Iraqis have been destroyed.

But it's the topic the media doesn't want to raise.

Now us, we remember when the media couldn't shut up about Iraq.  Of course, that was because they were selling the war.

The war is a disaster and now they want to act like not only does it not exist but also that they had no part in it.

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